WP 185 Knowledge of Sexually Tramitted Disease Risk Among Men WHO Have Sex with Men in Eldoret Township, Kenya

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
International Ballroom
charles salil Jr., Mr, Department of Sexolgy, Information Centre for HIV and STI's Prevention, Eldoret, Kenya

Background: Sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) are ones off the most frequent among infectious diseases. In Pathogenesis of the disease that can be transmitted during the anal Sex practices among MSM. The task of the studies was to show risk awareness and STD's Knowledge among MSM

Methods: To describe the problem the studies were done on a Cohort of 100 Men, of which 60% are homosexual, and 28% are bisexual. The survey was carried out by the use of MSM Website. The research was based on personal Interviews and questionnaires with questions about knowledge of STD's

Results:Almost half of the Men participating in the studies considered the level of their knowledge of STDs infection prevention is Very Good. About 85% reported that they have neve suffered with STD's before.55% of the Men had problems to define infection risk in different sexual practices correctly. The biggest problem for them was to connect the typical symptoms with particular disease. However almost all participants assumed any STDs symptoms appearance as an indication for immediate medical consultation.

Conclusions: Although the prevailing part of the participants were convinced to be well-informed about STD's, their Knowledge was not very deep on infection risk