WP 103 Results of STI\HIV Counseling and Testing Program for Commercial Sex Workers , Drug Users, Men Have Sex with Men and Former Prisoners during 2012-2013 in Lviv Region (Ukraine)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
International Ballroom
Yevstakhiy Netak, MD1, Marta Vasylyev, MD2, Olexandra Sluzhynska, MD3, Maryana Sluzhynska, MD4, Natasha Rybak, MD5, Lesya Ostapuyk, MD6, Oksana Grushynska, -1 and Oksana Krystynyak, -1, 1Charitable Salus Foundation, Lviv, Ukraine, 2Out patient department, Lviv Regional AIDS Center, Lviv, Ukraine, 3Charitable Salus Foundaion, Lviv, Ukraine, 4Lviv Regional AIDS Center, Lviv, Ukraine, 5Rhode Island Hospital, Brown Alpert Medical School, Providence, RI, 6out patient department, Lviv Regional AIDS Center, Lviv, Ukraine

Background: STIHIV voluntary counselling and testing  is  key element for behavior change, entry to treatment,  care,  and support for vulnerable group population. Aim of  the project was to increase STIHIV prevention,  diagnostic  and treatment among  commercial sex workers (CSW) ,drug users (DU), men have sex with men(MSM) and former prisoners (FP)  in Lviv region. Project was financed by International HIVAIDS Alliance in Ukraine and implemented by Charitable Salus Foundation and Lviv Regional AIDS Center.

Methods: STI/HIV counselling, testing for HIV , Chlamydia, Syphilis  using  immunoassay, and Gonorrhea  testing using bacteriological culture method were used for the intervention.  DU, CSW, MSM,FP  had an opportunity to pass  all tests  and counselling in  three cities  of  Lviv region ( Lviv, Drogobych and Struy) in governmental medical institutions free of charge.

Results: During 1 July 2012  till 30 September 2013 8920 risky behavior representatives passed HIVSTI councelling and  HIV test (208 positive results), 163 tests for Syphilis were   made( 12 positive results  ), 128 Chlamidia tests(46 positive results  ), 1212 Gonorrhea tests (  139 positive results)

Conclusions: Target  oriented  programs for vulnerable toward STIHIV  population   are very important.  Multisectoral services consisting of social medical and psychological  parts, cost effective, specially developed for the target groups are needed and should be implemented in Lviv region for decreasing the STI rate among CSW, DU, MSM and FP in future.