Cathleen Crain, M.A

Managing Partner
LTG & Associates, Inc
6930 Carroll Avenue
Takoma Park, MD
USA 20912

Biographical Sketch:
Ms. Cathleen Crain is one of the two founding partners in LTG Associates, Inc. As an active social scientist she designs and manages project work and leads development for the firm. An important area of specialization has been in working with donor and policymaking organizations and connecting their interests to those of the populations to be served. A thirty-five year professional social scientist, Ms. Crain has worked with ethnic, vulnerable, and hard to reach populations domestically and internationally. Ms. Crain and Dr. Tashima developed The Community Identification (CID) method, which was adopted by the CDC and is now part of a DEBI (Diffusion of Evidenced Based Interventions). CID has been widely utilized by the CDC and its grantees in HIV/AIDS and adapted for use in sexually transmitted disease for nearly 20 years. “Understanding how to identify populations, understanding their risk behaviors and influencing factors, and designing Community PROMISE accordingly points to the importance of gathering this type of information during the community identification (CID) process” (Community Promise DEBI, CDC Website, accessed 1/29/10).