David L. Cox, PhD

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Laboratory Reference and Research Branch of the Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention
1600 Clifton Road NE
MS: A-12
Atlanta, GA
USA 30333

Biographical Sketch:
Chief of Treponema Immunobiology and Syphilis Serology at the CDC in Atlanta GA. Five microbiologists under my direction. 2005 - Present Principal Investigator at the CDC, Atlanta, GA. Conducted basic and applied research on the pathogenesis of T. pallidum. 1995-2005 Sabbatical at Emory University in Molecular Microbiology, Atlanta, GA. Learn modern molecular techniques, such as cloning, PCR, RT-PCR (gene analysis), sequencing DNA, and other procedures. 1999 - 2000 Section Chief, Treponema Immunobiology at the CDC, Atlanta, GA. Cultivate T. pallidum in tissue culture. 1989 - 1995 Principal Investigator, SRI International (previously Stanford Research Institute) Menlo Park, CA. Postdoctural fellow where we were the first to cultivate syphilis sucessfully in tissue. 1979 -1984 42 publications to date selected publications