Tamar Akhvlediani, MD

Clinical Program Coordinator
WRAIR/USAMRIID Clinical Research Unit, Tbilisi, Georgia
Richard G. Lugar's Center for Public Health Research
16 Kakheti Highway
Tbilisi Georgia t_akhvlediani@yahoo.com

Biographical Sketch:
2007-present - Clinical Program Coordinator of the WRAIR/USAMRIID Clinical Research Unit, Tbilisi, Georgia Responsible for the conduction of clinical research studies on infectious diseases, including especially dangerous infections. Namely: a) protocol development, getting approvals from different IRBs; b) coor-dination of the study procedures between different study sites; c) participation in patient enrolment, observation of study related procedures, reporting and maintenance of the regulatory files according to the GCP/ICH guidelines; d) facilitation of the import and distribution of study-related materials. Responsible for the setting up the study related workshops and conferences Local PI of the ongoing STD study in the military population. Numerous presentations at scientific meetings.