Blair Armistead, MPH

Health Educator
Virginia Department of Health - Richmond City Health District
HIV/STI Program - CARS Grant Project
400 E. Cary Street
Richmond, VA
USA 23219

Biographical Sketch:
University Outreach Worker, Richmond City Health District, Fall 2011 ˇV Present „h Dr. Danny Avula- Deputy Director „h Ashlee Halbritter, MPH- CDC Prevention Specialist o Conducted a needs assessment of the Richmond-area collegesˇ¦ need for sexual health resources and now working to implement programs accordingly Research Mentor, Math and Science Investigators: Richmond, Summer 2011 „h Dr. Waide Robinson- Director, MSI: Richmond „h Dr. Roni Kingsley- Associate Professor of Biology o Mentored two high school students from Richmond City public schools; introduced students to microbiology research at the college level and encouraged them to pursue futures in math and science Teaching Assistant, University of Richmond, Department of Biology, Spring 2011 „h Dr. Amy Treonis- Associate Professor of Biology o Guided Astrobiology students in laboratory techniques needed to investigate extraterrestrial life