Shirley Chan, MPH

Epidemiologist Specialist
Houston Department of Health and Human Services
Bureau of Epidemiology
8000 N Stadium Dr
Houston, TX
USA 77054

Biographical Sketch:
2006-present - HIV Incidence Coordinator/Epidemiologist Specialist, Houston Department of Health and Human Services, Houston, TX 2001-2006 - Epidemiologist, HIV/AIDS Surveillance Program, Houston Department of Health and Human Services, Houston, TX. Responsible for HIV Incidence Surveillance Program, including planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of the Program; in addition to other duties such as HIV/AIDS case ascertainment, training and quality assurance. Author or co-author of several publications, and numerous oral and poster presentations at conferences and meetings; e.g., "Data Completeness and Data Quality of HIV Incidence Surveillance in Houston/Harris County", 2013 HIV Surveillance Grantees' Meeting, Atlanta, GA -- "Evaluating the Use of HIV Surveillance Data for Initiating Partner Services in Houston, Texas, US, 2012", International AIDS Conference, Washington, D.C. -- "HIV Public Health Follow-Up in Houston, Texas, HIV Surveillance Perspective", 2009 Nation HIV Prevention Conference, Atlanta, GA -- "2006 HIV Incidence Estimates in Houston/Harris County, Texas", 2008 APHA Annual Conference, San Diego, CA -- "Surveillance Do's and Don'ts: False Positive HIV Western Blots in Pregnant Women", 2007 National HIV Prevention Conference -- "The Use of Surveillance Data to Evaluate Concurrent and AIDS Diagnoses in Houston/Harris County", 2007 CSTE Annual Conference, Denver, CO...