The 37th National Immunization Conference of CDC

Monday, March 17, 2003 - 11:05 AM

IMPACT SIIS - Ohio's Statewide Immunization Registry

Laurie Dietsch, Project L.O.V.E, Columbus Health Department, 240 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA

Web-based immunization registry, bioterrorism, shareware

In 1993, an immunization coalition called Project L.O.V.E. (Love Our kids Vaccinate Early) was formed. One of the goals was to provide Franklin County with an immunization registry. Eventually the coalition came to a decision to partner with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to make their registry web-based. ODH has had an immunization registry since 1997 but it was only accessible by telephone and only children that had social security numbers were allowed into the system. The web-based system would remove a lot of the barriers associated with the ODH system. In February of 2002, Project L.O.V.E., in coordination with ODH, launched the web-based statewide immunization registry in Columbus, Ohio.

Demonstrate the capability of IMPACT SIIS, the statewide immunization registry used in Ohio.

In order to ensure success of the immunization registry, community partnerships, committees and advisory councils met regularly in order to address issues surrounding the development, marketing and implementation of IMPACT SIIS, the Ohio statewide immunization registry. These partnerships started between state and local health departments and Project L.O.V.E. and have expanded to include professional organizations, pharmaceutical companies, managed care agencies, marketing consultants, physicians, hospitals, office managers, legal representatives and technical experts. The screens found in the registry were developed utilizing end-user feedback. This helped to ensure that the registry would meet all the registry needs found in the public as well as private sector, issues vital to the success of the registry. Now with the threat of bioterrorism, the need for tracking vaccinations as well as contraindications and adverse events is even more crucial to our safety.

A web-based immunization registry has been developed and is being marketed that meets the needs of both the private and public sectors.

Community partnerships combine the strengths of all the partners, producing a useful registry along with a better system designed to reach providers that are needed to ensure success.
Immunization registries should be developed using the feedback that potential end-users have provided.
To see the functionality of Ohio’s statewide immunization registry, IMPACT SIIS.

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