Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Considerations and Timeline to Incorporate a New Vaccine in City and State Immunization Programs in the United States

Katelyn B. Wells, Association of Immunization Managers, 620 Hungerford Drive Suite 29, Rockville, MD, USA

Learning Objectives for this Presentation:
By the end of the presentation participants will be able to: Identify the time to incorporate HPV vaccine into state and city immunization programs. Identify key considerations for incorporation of HPV vaccine within individual state and city VFC and 317 funded programs

The Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) is a Federal entitlement program designed to eliminate funding barriers for vaccination of eligible children. 317 federal funding provides funding to vaccinate those not eligible for the VFC program.
Availability of VFC and 317 funds, state funds, and private insurance coverage are key considerations in successful implementation of a new vaccine, such as HPV vaccine. Modeling the timeline for incorporation of a new vaccine such as HPV into existing public programs can help determine the need and timing of other contributing policy and programmatic decisions involved in successful implementation of vaccines, such as such as school mandates, educational efforts, or funding initiatives.

Determine timeline for incorporation of HPV vaccine into existing VFC and 317 funded grantee programs; Identify key considerations for incorporation of HPV vaccine within individual city and state immunization programs.

AIM membership voluntarily responded to three online surveys during the months of September and February 2007, and December 2007. The surveys collected information regarding actual and planned incorporation of HPV vaccine in VFC and 317 funded programs and considerations leading to such incorporation.

There was variability among the timing of projects' incorporation of HPV vaccine in VFC versus 317 funded programs. VFC funded programs experienced fewer barriers in incorporating HPV vaccine compared to 317 funded programs.

The existence of immediate federal funding for vaccine purchase with VFC and 317 funding assists in the incorporation of a new vaccine, but there is a time period required to achieve full implementation. The VFC program succeeds in removing financial barriers to providing vaccine.