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Adolescent Immunization Coverage Level Assessments-Design, Processes and Results
Elissa Jones, Marcia H. Levin, Evelyn Green
Assessing Disparities in Adult Vaccination Using Multi-Modal Approaches in Primary Care Offices
Mary Patricia Nowalk, Richard K. Zimmerman, Melissa Tabbarah, Martha Ann Terry, Dwight E. Fox, Mahlon Raymund
Birth weight and reported adverse events following immunization
Tracy N. Thomas
Cell-Mediated Immune (CMI) Responses and Zoster-associated Pain in Herpes Zoster (HZ) Patients
M. J. Levin, S. K. Tyring, J. Xu, W. W. B. Wang, P. M. Keller, J. G. Smith, M. J. Caulfield, J. L. Barben, J. E. Stek, S. Senior, F. P. Schodel, I. S. F. Chan, K. Schlienger, J. L. Silber
Determinants of parent and adolescent preferences and willingness to pay for HPV vaccination
Derek S. Brown, F. Reed Johnson, Christine Poulos
Factors associated with higher rates of adolescent varicella immunity among enrollees of commercial health insurance plans
Barbara H. Bardenheier, Aisha Jumaan, Shannon Stokley, Walter A. Orenstein
HPV Survey Results for Filipino Parents of 11-12 year-old adolescents
Christine A. Garcia, Kimberly C. Pettiford
Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine (HPV) in Philadelphia: Strong Provider Uptake but Low Levels of Subsequent Dose Compliance
Edward Thomas Grove, C. Victor Spain, Barbara Watson
Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Policy in the United States
Jennifer Jarrell
Immunizations are Your Best Shot! : California's Preteen Vaccine Week (PVW) 2007
Rebeca Montealegre Boyte, Christine A. Garcia, Everly Macario
Improving Patient Care Through The Use of IT
Tina Ellis Coyle
Influenza and Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Immunization Amongst Adult Canadians; A Progress Report
Anna-Maria Frescura, Samina Aziz, Lisa Belzak, Mahnaz FarhengMehr
Judicial perspectives on legal custody and immunization of adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system: Quantitative analysis of a judicial survey
Anne S. Douds
Knocking Down Barriers and Evaluating Adult Pneumococcal Vaccination Policy in Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Clinics
Willie Watts-Troutman, Tongia Pinner, Melanie Barr
Missouri's HPV Initiative
Jennifer Paulk, Jeannie Ruth
Parent Perspectives on HPV Vaccine: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors at Urban Immunization Clinics
Anne Bailowitz, Jessica Ostermann
Pediatricians' Perspectives on the Use of Settings Outside the Medical Home to Vaccinate Adolescents
Stanley J. Schaffer, Christina Albertin, Cynthia M. Rand, Sharon Humiston, Laura P. Shone, Aaron K. Blumkin, Peter G. Szilagyi
Physician Perspectives on Adolescent Immunizations - Results of a National Survey of Pediatricians and Family Physicians
Stanley J. Schaffer, Christina Albertin, Cynthia M. Rand, Sharon Humiston, Laura P. Shone, Aaron K. Blumkin, Peter G. Szilagyi
Potential Barriers to Recently Recommended Adolescent Vaccines: Parents' Future Vaccine Decisions and Willingness to Pay
Dianne C. Singer, Sarah Clark, Acham Gebremariam, Matthew Davis
Poverty, Race/Ethnicity, Insurance, and Tdap Coverage among 13-17 Year-Old Adolescents
Philip J. Smith, Noelle-Angelique Molinari, Nidhi Jain, Abigail Shefer
Practical Considerations for Delivery of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: Pediatrician Perspectives
Cynthia M. Rand, Stanley J. Schaffer, Sharon G. Humiston, Laura P. Shone, Christina Albertin, Aaron K. Blumkin, Peter G. Szilagyi
Provider Attitudes Towards Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine and Barriers to Implementation in New York City
David B. Eagle, Jane R. Zucker
“Reaching Out to Adolescents to Promote Immunizations: Think Outside the Doctor's Office”
Christine A. Garcia, Kimberly C. Pettiford, Kathleen Worthing Gustafson
Seroprevalence of Hepatitis A Virus Among U.S. Army Recruits
Hayley Hughes, Patrick M. Garman, Allison R. Christ
Rachel Burrell-Nichols
Varicella Zoster Virus Seroprevalence Among U.S. Army Recruits
Patrick M. Garman, Hayley Hughes, Allison R. Christ
Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed and Risk of Idiopathic Atrial Fibrillation in the United States Military, 1998-2005
Jill C. Davila, Susan Duderstadt, Jennifer Sabatier, Guihua Ma, Yujia Zhang, Michael M. McNeil
The Association between Birth Place, Birth Attendant, and Early Childhood Immunizations
Steve Robison, Martha Priedeman Skiles
Mimita magendra Mimita Magendra 1
Burden of Rotavirus in Medicaid Pediatric Populations
Antoine C. El Khoury, Liyuan Ma, Robbin F. Itzler
Challenges and novel trends in rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)
Richard Franka, Xianfu Wu, Boonlert Lumlertdacha, Charles E. Rupprecht
A comparison of varicella vaccination coverage estimates: what happens to coverage estimates when children with a history of varicella disease are considered "vaccinated"?
Karen G. Wooten, Carolyn A. Parry
Evaluation of Body Mass Index, Pre-Vaccination Serum Progesterone Levels and Anti-Anthrax Protective Antigen Immunoglobulin G on Injection Site Adverse Events Following Anthrax Vaccination in Women
Yujia Zhang, Raymond E. Biagini, Jerry P. Smith, Deborah L. Sammons, Shirley A. Robertson, Michael M. McNeil
The Evolving Epidemiology of a Unique Vaccine-Preventable Disease in Los Angeles County
Dulmini Kodagoda, Vi Nguyen
The Expanding Development Pipeline for Vaccines in the Private Sector
Matthew M. Davis, Angela Pok, Margaret S. Coleman, Acham Gebremariam, Jack RC Wheeler, Dianne C. Singer, Gary L. Freed
Factors related to adult mumps case reporting by New York State physicians
Scott E. Coley, Cynthia R. Schulte, Debra Blog
Fatal infection with varicella in an adult
Charla A. DeBolt
Fewer Dollars, but More Targets: Recent Trends in NIH Funding for Vaccine Trials Research
Matthew M. Davis, Angela Pok, Margaret S. Coleman, Acham Gebremariam, Dianne C. Singer, Jack RC Wheeler, Gary L Freed
GIS Mapping of Immunization Data in Snohomish County, WA
Dialine Petersen, Gayle M. Lanier
Identifying Predictors of Pertussis Disease in Infants Less than 12 Months of Age in Texas Using Surveillance Records and Birth Certificate Data from 1999-2003
Lucille Palenapa, Rita R. Espinoza
Impact of an Outbreak Response Immunization campaign during a large measles outbreak in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2006
James L. Goodson, Robert T. Perry, Eric Wiesen, Ondrej Mach, Luis E. Lowe, Paul A. Rota, Elizabeth Luman, Lisa K. Cairns
Increases in Vaccine Research and Development by Major Vaccine Manufacturers, 1997-2007
Matthew M. Davis, Angela Pok, Margaret S. Coleman, Dianne C. Singer, Jack RC Wheeler, Gary L. Freed
A Natural History Model to Estimate the Clinical Impact of a Cervical Cancer Vaccine Candidate among Racial and Ethnic Populations in the United States
Vivek Pawar, Douglas CA Taylor, Denise Kruzikas, Ankur Pandya, Shalini Naik, Kristen Gilmore, David Thompson, Milton Weinstein
Nonlinear Trend Model for Vaccination Coverage in State and Local Areas, National Immunization Survey (NIS) 2000-2006
Zhen Zhao
On target to meet Healthy People 2010 objectives? National, state and local area vaccination coverage among chilren aged 19-35 months- United States, 2006
Karen G. Wooten, Natalie J. Darling, James A. Singleton, Abigail Shefer
Perinatal Hepatitis B in New York City, 1995-2005
Julie Lazaroff, Christopher M. Zimmerman, Sharmila Shah, Jane R. Zucker
Pertussis deaths—Oregon, 2008
Juventila Liko, Michelle Barber, Martha Priedeman Skiles
Post-licensure Safety Evaluation of a DTaP-HepB-IPV Combination Vaccine in a Large Managed Care Organization
Kenneth M. Zangwill, Eileen M. Eriksen, Martin Lee, Jennifer Y. Lee, Leonard Friedland, Wayde Weston, Barbara J Howe, S. Michael Marcy, Joel I. Ward
Rapid Cycle Analysis of Pentavalent Rotavirus (RotaTeq®) Vaccine Safety in the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) Population: Interim Results
Stephanie A. Irving, Irene Shui, Martin Kulldorff, Ruihua Yin, Paul Gargiullo, Eric Weintraub, James Baggs, Edwin Lewis, Edward Belongia, The Vaccine Safety Datalink Team
Stroke is not Associated with Varicella Vaccination in Children
James G. Donahue, Burney Kieke, W. Katherine Yih, Nick R. Berger, Jeremy S. McCauley, Stephanie A. Irving, Edward A. Belongia, The Vaccine Safety Datalink Team
Trends in Timely Vaccination Coverage Associated with Family Income
Philip Smith, Nidhi Jain, John M. Stevenson
Update from the Vaccine Analytic Unit (VAU): A Unique Post Marketing Vaccine Safety Research Infrastructure Using the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS)
Michael M. McNeil, Susan Duderstadt, Jill C. Davila, Jennifer Sabatier, Yujia Zhang, Guihua W. Ma, Andrew N. Hill
Assessing Immunization-Related Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviors, and Practices (KABP) As They Relate to Perceived Preparedness for Disasters
Andrea J. Soriano, Maria I. Fernandez, Dulmini Kodagoda, Rachel Golden, Nidhi M. Nakra, Nancy Halpern Ibrahim
California's Development of On-line Immunization Training
Natalie Nakahara, Leslie Heyden, Suzi Bouveron
Department of Defense (DoD) Vaccine Information Line
Eddie Ware, Jessica B. Clark, Jimell L. Sanders, Hayley Hughes, Patrick M. Garman
Effects of Messages Addressing Safety and Adverse Event Concerns about Influenza Vaccination Among Older African-American Adults
Keri Jupka, Ricardo Wray, Christina Lapka, Ratna Pakpahan, Trent Buskirk
Evaluation of NIIW/TIM Radio Campaign: “Up-to-date? Celebrate!”
Nidhi M. Nakra, Julia Heinzerling, Dulmini Kodagoda
Fighting Liver Cancer Disparities in the Medically Underserved Asian Community
Steven Lin, Elizabeth Chao, Hyunseung Kang, Hanh Nguyen, Anh Tan, Andrew Vu, Nahid Yakuby
Forming collaborations with other state programs for high-risk adults
Sandra Van Sant, Barbara Giudici-Knapp
Local Public Health Case Management Services in Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention
Joanna Przybilla
The Magic of Collaboration: the Dental Health Initiative/Share the Care and Immunization Branch Collaborate to Help Get Children Ready for School
Everardo Aguilar, Peggy Yamagata
Motivating Youth to Take Action in Public Health: 5th Annual Youth Leadership Conference on Asian and Pacific Islander Health
Meredith Bergin, Aarti K. Rao, Ellen T. Chang, Samuel K. S. So
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness for Schools
Leslie Heyden, Suzi Bouveron, Rebeca Boyte
Partnership in Action: Development of a Medical Home Brochure for Dissemination through Immunization Sites in Colorado
Anne L. Hammer, Jamie Damico, Wendy Zieker, Susan McColl, Mette Riis, Alana Podratz, Kris Evenson
Preliminary Analysis of Factors Associated with Low Influenza Coverage Among Health Care Workers in Los Angeles County
Wendy L. Berger, Carla Higbee, Carol Salminen, Dulmini Kodagoda, Nidhi M. Nakra
Promoting Complete Immunization by Age One
Jane Sarwin
San Francisco Hep B Free
Erin M. Bachus, Janet Zola, Samuel So, Ted Fang
“There's Unity in Our Community” The Hillsborough County Back to School Physicals & Immunization Fairs
Margaret Ewen
Using Music and Other Media to Communicate Immunization Messages
Everardo Aguilar, Jan Campana, Kathleen Worthing Gustafson
Alberta Immunization Coverage Rate Calculation: Using Registry Data for More Precise Measures
Laura McDonald
Can Public Health Technology Be Customer-Oriented and Efficient? The San Diego Immunization Information Highway 2008
Patricia Biritz, Amber Van Waas, Alicia Roseti, Carol Quinn, Michelle De Guire
Creation and Use of Test Cases for Influenza Vaccine Schedule and Next-Due Recommendation Algorithm in IIS
Carol Fitzgerald, Cheryl Puccio, Erika H. Jenssen, Siu Wing Tong
Effectiveness of a Vaccination Reminder System in Toronto, Canada
Michael Finkelstein, Olayemi Kadri, Lil Persaud, Ameeta Mathur, Effie Gournis, Vinita Dubey
Electronic Medical Record and IIS interoperability - Making Bidirectional interfaces work
Janet L. Balog
Hepatitis B Vaccine: Illinois Birthing Hospitals Birth Dose Practices
Salaeha Shariff
Immunization Information System Training Made Easy and Interactive for Users!
Connie F. Smith, Elizabeth Sullivan, Lisa Roberts, Amy Ozburn
Immunization-related Healthcare Interoperability Standards - a Collaboration of the American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA), the Public Health Data Standards Consortium and the CDC
Alean Kirnak, Susan M. Salkowitz
An Implementation of Batch Data Exchange of Immunization Record using XML Schema Derived from the HL7 Standard
Chris K. Kim, Mohammed A. Mohammed, Sarah H. Kang
Implementation of the Influenza Vaccine Schedule and the Next-Due Recommendation in the Contra Costa County's IIS
Erika H. Jenssen, Cheryl Puccio, Carol Fitzgerald, Siu Wing Tong
Increasing Immunization Registry Provider Participation and Immunization Completion Rates with Incentive Payments; Medicaid Pay-for-Performance in Louisiana
Ruben Tapia, Robert Conn
An Integrated Approach to a Statewide Immunization Information System (IIS)
Kim Tichy, Marnell Kretschmer, Don Callaghan
Lessons Learned From Application Conversion
Michael K. Flynn
Oregon's Experience Passing Legislation to Expand the Immunization Information System (IIS) to Lifespan
Mary Beth Kurilo, Lorraine K. Duncan, Jenne McKibben
Private Provider Use of Recall: Practical Considerations
Kevin J. Dombkowski, Wendy Nye, Kris Lyons, Ericka Hudson, Laura Harrington, Sarah Clark
A Quality Improvement System to Reduce the Rate of Invalid Immunizations
Allison, E. Campos, Debra Rosen
Reaching Gold Standards through Collaboration
Kendall Patterson
Reminder/Recall in Public Health Settings
Diane M. Romnes
Theories and Practice of Training Medisoft Interface Users in Small Provider Offices
Wenxue Li, Anna C. Dragsbaek
Using an IIS Help Desk as a Parent Resource to Increase Immunization Rates
Letty D. Cherry Kreger
Web Application Users vs Non-Web Users and Immunization Series Completion Rates
Jennifer Ralston King, Lisa Rasmussen
What To Do After Developing A Mature Registry
Kim M. Gulliver
AME Church-Based Influenza Vaccine Clinic for Underserved Population
Sharon D. Shepherd
Analysis of the Ancillary Supply Waste Incurred During the Response Mass Immunization to the Influenza Pandemic
Sheldon H. Jacobson, Edward C. Sewell, Janet Jokela, Ruben A. Proano
As Easy As McDonalds: Drive-Through Flu Clinics Offer One-Stop Shots
Pat Krehn
Cage the Flu Bug - a Healthcare Worker Vaccine Campaign
Mary Derden, Melanie Mouzoon, Julie Markee, Cathryn C. Salinas, Hope Jasser, Denise Martinez
Characteristics and Attitudes of Private Pediatric Practices in Georgia: Association with Influenza Immunization Efforts
Karen Pazol, Julie, A. Gazmararian, Mila M. Prill, Emily M. O'Malley, Deborah D. Jelks, Margaret S. Coleman, Alan R. Hinman, Walter A. Orenstein
Creating an Influenza Vaccination Toolkit for Healthcare Settings
Margaret Huffmann
“Doctor, Did You Have Your Flu Shot? Results from 2006 and 2007 Healthcare Worker Surveys, San Diego County,”
Wendy Wang, Christina Hawley, Michelle Picardal, Naomi Katzir, Mark H. Sawyer, Michelle De Guire, Kathleen Worthing Gustafson, Adrienne Collins-Yancey
Federal Strategies for Increasing Influenza Vaccination Rates Among Nursing Home Employees
Christina E. Morgan
Flu Shots- Taking Off
Jennifer Tinney
Formal Decision Analysis Process for Prioritizing Pandemic Influenza Vaccine in the United States
Lisa Goldberg, Trevor R. Shoemaker, Benjamin Schwartz, Tomas Aragon, Wayne Enanoria
Immunizing Babies Keep Fire Fighters Prepared
Jennifer Tinney
Immunizing North Carolina's Nurses
Sandy R. Allen, Amanda M. Dayton
Improving Influenza Vaccination Rates of Healthcare Workers at a Non-Profit Community Health Center
Debra Rosen
Late-Season Influenza Vaccination: Practice and Barriers
Lon McQuillan, Matthew F. Daley, Lori A. Crane, Pascale M. Wortley, Brenda L. Beaty, Jennifer Barrow, Christine Babbel, Miriam Dickinson, Allison Kempe
Outcome of influenza vaccination program for healthcare workers using a declination process in a pediatric healthcare institution, 2006
Patsy Stinchfield, Kathryn Como-Sabetti
Parental Intentions to Seek Influenza Vaccination for Children <5 Years of Age
Sarah J. Clark, Dianne C. Singer, Acham Gebremariam, Matthew Davis
Preventing Influenza: Creative Solutions
Carolyn Cook, Janet Kauzlarich
Using the California Health Interview Survey to Assess Influenza Immunization Coverage in California
Eileen Yamada, Nisha Gandhi, Robert Schechter
WIC/Immunization Linkage, Not Just for Children
Debra Laughlin, Machrina Leach
Accomplishing New Hampshire School Vaccination Survey Under Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
Colleen M. Haggerty, Ludmila Anderson, Jill C. Fournier, Lynn Heinzman, Paul J. Garrison
Assessing the Validity of Vaccination Cards and Parental Recall: Lessons Learned from the U.S. Experience
Elizabeth T. Luman, Tove Ryman, Vance J. Dietz, Elizabeth R. Zell
Baby Track Program – the first line of defense!
Mildred S. Flores, Tania Farley, Kathleen W. Gustafson
Burning out and public health work: If only there were a vaccine against stress
Sharon G. Humiston, Michael Krasner, Timothy Quill, Scott McDonald, Ronald Epstein
Characterization of perinatal hepatitis B cases in California, 2000-2005
Kathleen Therese Winter, Kathleen Harriman
The Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment (CISA) Network: Conducting Clinical Research in Vaccine Safety
Brigid C. Batten, Robert C. Sparks, Barbara A. Slade
Clinical Quality Improvement Program Tool
Olaf Karl Stoll, Patrick M. Garman, Allison Christ
Closing the Gap: How do immunization programs achieve and sustain high immunization coverage?
Allison M. Kennedy, Holly Groom, Vickie Evans, Nancy Fasano
Conducting Assessments in the Public Health Setting and Making Them Work
Rebecca S. Coyle
Connecting the Dots – Using data from a provider database and an immunization registry to enhance Community Clinic performance
Tracy Healy, Anne Cordon, Mary K. Beckhelm, Heidi DeGuzman, David Kopald
Considerations and Timeline to Incorporate a New Vaccine in City and State Immunization Programs in the United States
Katelyn B. Wells
Developing a strategic plan for improving and sustaining high childhood immunization rates - Experience of a statewide coalition in Kansas
Gianfranco Pezzino
Distribution and Administration of Vaccine in Community Pharmacies: A 17-State Study
Suntaree Watcharadamrongkun, Salisa C. Westrick, Jeanine K. Mount
Effect of a Shortened Immunization Schedule, “Done By One”, on Immunization Completeness at 2 Years
Lance Chilton, Cynthia Rawn, Hubert A. Allen, Anna L. Pentler
An Effective Early Childhood Immunization Program: One Community's Fifteen Year Experience
Mardy Sandler, Sharon G. Humiston, Peter G. Szilagyi
Effects of Timing of Post-Vaccination Serologic Testing (PVST) of Infants Born to Hepatitis B Infected Women
Catheryn Salibay, Kathleen Harriman, Kathleen Winter
Estimating Vaccination Coverage in the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Validity of Household-Retained Vaccination Cards and Parental Recall
Elizabeth Luman, Tove Ryman, Mariana Sablan
Evaluation of an Infant Hepatitis B Vaccination Program in a U.S. Affiliated Jurisdiction—Republic of the Marshall Islands, 2007
Gayle Fischer
An evaluation of the implementation of the Reaching Every District (RED) approach, Sudan, Africa, 2007
Tove Ryman, El Tayeb Ahmed El Sayed, Amani Mustafa, Nisreen Musa Widaa, Awad Omer
Expanding the National Immunizaton Survey to address racial and socioeconomic disparities in childhood vaccination coverage
Karen G. Wooten, James A. Singleton
Factors associated with non-completion of the vaccination series, Assam, India
Tove Ryman, Karen A. Wilkins, Vance J. Dietz
Finding better Ways: Teamwork and Technology Spell Success in Childhood Immunization Initiative
Sue Scholz
Four DTaP Doses - Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Sharon Slater, Tony Aragon, Debra Saxton, Jack Sims
Immunization Focus Groups: Exploring Barriers and Solutions in Obtaining Children's Immunizations in the Childcare and School Settings
Jamie Damico
Immunize Kansas Kids Phase 3: Comparison of Private and Public Immunization Rates
Sarah J. Clark, John Rule, Adrienne Nickles, Shiming Dong, Gianfranco Pezzino
Immunize Kansas Kids: Parental and Provider Attitudes, Practices, and Beliefs about Childhood Immunizations in Kansas
Candace Ayars, John Rule, Gianfranco Pezzino
Impact of removing all thimerosal containing vaccines on childhood vaccination and vaccination of pregnant women: Lessons learned in Suffolk County Department of Health Services, NY
Mary Koslap-Petraco, Humayun Chaudhry, Shaheda Iftikhar
Michigan's Physician Peer Education Project on Immunization Celebrates Ten Years of Growth
Dawn Contreras, Elizabeth A. Harton, Traci M. Osterman, Patricia A. Vranesich, Barbara K. Wolicki, JoEllen Wolicki
Project Milestone: Navigating Families to Health and Human Resources as a Gateway to Promoting Immunizations
Lillie Peter, Oyeba Akyea, Decrecia Robinson, Risha Jones
Provider Relations and Assessment Section: Intergrading VFC and AFIX Functions to Increase Immunization Rates
Decrecia Robinson, Oyeba Akyea, Risha Jones
Racial Disparities in Immunization Coverage Levels Among Children Aged 24 Months — Tennessee
Sapana Parikh, Kelly L. Moore
Re-Framing the Issue: A Successful Advocacy Campaign in Texas
Anna C. Dragsbaek, Jason Sabo
Show me the Money: The Use of Recall as a Revenue Generator for the Immunization Provider
Anna C. Dragsbaek, Monica R. Johnson, Leila C. Sahni, Julie A. Boom
State Law Affects How Perceived External Support Influences Pharmacy-based Immunization Delivery
Shih-Ying (Audrey) Hung, Suntaree Watcharadamrongkun, Minhee Kim, Chia-Hung Chou, Salisa C. Westrick, Jeanine K. Mount
Use of Tablet PCs for Efficient Electronic Data Capture during Provider Site Visits
Steve Nickell, Betty Tran, Claudia Aguiluz, Maria Volk
Utilization of Rotavirus Vaccine by Immunization Providers in Los Angeles County
Alvin Nelson El Amin, Jon La Mori, Susan Ashkar
Vaccine Handling by Providers During a Massive Power Outage
Julie A. Choudhuri, Lauren Greenfield, Darren Robertson, Jeffrey S. Duchin, Betsy B. Hubbard
Vaccine Manufacturers' Interactions with State Immunization Programs: Partners or Adversaries?
Sarah J. Clark, Anne E. Cowan, Gary L. Freed
When – and why – do children fall behind in their vaccinations?
Elizabeth T. Luman, Susan Y. Chu
Who's Not Getting Shot?
Kimberly Ralston, Wendy Wang
Update of the National Vaccine Plan
Raymond Strikas, Bruce Gellin

The 42nd National Immunization Conference (NIC) of CDC