Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clinical Quality Improvement Program Tool

Olaf Karl Stoll1, Patrick M. Garman2, and Allison Christ2. (1) Operations Division, Military Vaccine Agency, 63 Main Circle SUite 3, Randolph AFB, TX, USA, (2) Military Vaccine Agency, US Army, 5113 Leesburg Pike, Suite 402, Falls Church, VA, USA

Learning Objectives for this Presentation:
By the end of the presentation participants will be able to:
1. Describe the DoD Clinic Quality Improvement Program Tool (CQIPT)
2. Discuss the usefulness of the CQIPT tool in vaccine delivery settings

The DoD delivers millions of doses of licensed vaccines through hundreds of clinics investing hundreds of millions of dollars in preventing disease by a myriad of health care providers. In 2000, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices issued quality standards for adult immunization delivery. In 2006, DoD embraced these recommendations in its joint publication, Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis.

DoD locations that administer immunizations worldwide.

DoD beneficiaries eligible to receive vaccines through the Military Health System.

Project Description:
The CQIPT is a dynamic quality improvement assessment tool developed by the Military Vaccine Agency. This tool can be can be used by leaders, managers and clinical staff within an established vaccine delivery system by providing a 360 degree review of their vaccine delivery process.

Results/Lessons Learned:
The CQIPT has been used at over 150 DoD installations since October 2006. It has identified critical issues impacting the quality of vaccine delivery. Issues ranging from outdated vaccine information sheets to vaccine storage inconsistencies have been recognized and corrected. When utilized prior to regulatory inspections, the CQIPT has proven instrumental in identifying weak areas, as well as improving overall compliance scores.

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