Abstract: Cover Your Bases, Get Immunized: Adult Immunizations and Community Collaborations (43rd National Immunization Conference (NIC))

PS6 Cover Your Bases, Get Immunized: Adult Immunizations and Community Collaborations

Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Grand Hall area
Charlotte A. Moser
Beth Smith
Thomas E. Drone II
Janice Anastasi

To celebrate National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM), six local coalitions collaborated around an adult immunization event at a MLB baseball game.

Philadelphia Phillies game

40,873 attendees

Project Description:
Six local coalitions worked together to promote adult immunizations at a Philadelphia Phillies game with a themed message, “Cover your bases, Get immunized!” Members promoted ticket sales, developed a slide show, and designed rally towels.

Results/Lessons Learned:
To have a 3-minute video on the big screen and throw out the first pitch, 582 tickets were sold. Working together allowed the group to reach almost 41,000 attendees in a relaxed, informal setting through the big screen and first-pitch opportunities.
Designing a 3-minute video, taught the group that 1) video resources surrounding adult immunizations are lacking, 2) additional planning time and a budget would have allowed for a more cohesive piece; however, 3) despite time and budget constraints, a slideshow message was still completed.
The group received a grant from the PA Immunization Coalition to distribute rally towels to people who purchased tickets using the group code. The purposes were to thank supporters and draw camera attention throughout the game.
By selling more than 500 tickets, the first pitch could be designated. The coalitions chose Diane McGowan, founder of the M.A.R.T.I.N. Foundatioin, which stands for “May All Receive Their Immunizations Now.” Diane is the mother of Martin McGowan, a healthy young man who loved baseball, but who succumbed to influenza at age 15. Diane was joined on the field by the mascot of the Bucks County Immunization Coalition, Bee Diddy. She and her family were able to enjoy the game from special seating and the mascot drew additional attention to our presence.
By working together in public venues, the group was able to raise immunization awareness and work with colleagues from throughout the region.
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