43rd National Immunization Conference (NIC): Posters

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009: 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Grand Hall area
A Model for Student Run Hepatitis B Clinics at UCSF
Emanuel Kwahk; Mitchell N. Luu; Leslie C. Sheu; Brian C. Toy; Aileen Sy; Andrew Moses Lee; Jay J. Choi; Patricia Z. Zheng; Annie Yang
Childhood Immunization
Olukayode D. Afolabi
Cover Your Bases, Get Immunized: Adult Immunizations and Community Collaborations
Ann Gordon; Charlotte A. Moser; Beth Smith; Thomas E. Drone II; Janice Anastasi
Employment Status and Receipt of HPV Vaccine among Women 18-26 Years of Age
Laurie Martin; Katherine Harris; Juergen Maurer; Nicole Lurie
Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Intention among Female College Students
Melissa K. Zochowski; Amanda F. Dempsey; Stephanie R. Peterman; Carla L. Anderson; Stephanie B. Marcus; Susan D. Ernst; Cheryl A. Sorg; Vanessa K. Dalton; Divya A. Patel
Herpes Zoster Vaccine: What Is Interfering with Uptake?
Laura Hurley; Megan C. Lindley; Rafael Harpaz; Shannon Stokley; Matthew F. Daley; Lori A. Crane; Brenda L. Beaty; Jennifer Barrow; Christine Babbel; Miriam Dickinson; Allison Kempe
I Need Shots Too? Coverage Rates and Perceptions of Recommended Vaccines among Adults in San Diego County
Naomi Katzir; Wendy Wang; Michelle Picardal; Karen Waters-Montijo; Michelle DeGuire; Mark H. Sawyer; K. Michael Peddecord
Immunization Practices of Family Physicians
Doug Campos-Outcalt; Michelle Jeffcott-Pera; Herb Young; Bellinda Schoof; Pam Carter
Improving Adult Immunization Delivery
Anne L. Hammer; Felicia Hill; Oddie Kennedy; Carolyn Swenson; Alicia Appel; Moira Sheehan; Stephanie L. Phibbs
Influence of Relationship Status in Physicians' Decision to Recommend HPV Vaccination
Thomas W. Weiss; Gregory D. Zimet; Susan L. Rosenthal; Margaret B. Good; Michelle D. Vichnin
Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs about Flu and Pneumococcal Immunization: Findings from South Los Angeles
Terry Silberman; Jennifer L. Chiprich; Lizz Romo; Diane Gaspard; Selome Araya
MA Adolescent/Adult Immunization Program
Donna L. Lazorik; Heidi L. Hoffman
Oklahoma City Indian Clinic Immunization Outreach Program
Sarah R. Brown; Sara Kernell; Hazel Lonewolf
Predictors of HPV Vaccine Uptake among Women Ages 19-26
Thomas W. Weiss; Susan L. Rosenthal; Gregory D. Zimet; Liyuan Ma; Margaret B. Good; Michelle D. Vichnin
Preventing Pneumococcal Infections among Persons Who Smoke Cigarettes or Have Asthma
Jessica Henry; Jennifer Rosen; Peng-Jun Lu; Matthew R. Moore; Pekka Nuorti
Reasons for Limited Uptake of HPV Vaccine among Women Ages 19-26
Thomas W. Weiss; Gregory D. Zimet; Susan L. Rosenthal; Margaret B. Good; Michelle D. Vichnin
Results from An Immunization Survey of Prenatal Providers in South Los Angeles
Terry Silberman; Jennifer L. Chiprich; Lizz Romo; Maria Padilla-Castro; Diane Gaspard; Irene Heath
Safety and Immunogenicity of 13-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Given Concomitantly with Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine in Healthy Adults
T.F. Schwarz; J. Flamaing; H.C. Rumke; J. Penzes; C. Juergens; A. Wenz; D. Jayawardene; P.C. Giardina; W.C. Gruber; B. Schmoele-Thoma
Seroprevalence of Measles and Rubella Virus Immunity among US Army Recruits
Hayley Hughes; Patrick M. Garman; Kelly C. Sipe; Michael J. Krukar
Targeted Community Outreach for Hepatitis Screening & Vaccination
Savita Kumar; Trenesia Rozier; David Kowalski; Serenia Page-Bekcton; Alina Alonso; Jean Malecki
Training Pharmacists and Dental Professionals as Immunizers
Tracy Farrill; Carla D. Evans; Travis Watts
Trends in Adolescent Immunization Rates: Random Digit Dial Telephone Surveys in San Diego County
Naomi Katzir; Wendy Wang; Michelle Picardal; Karen Waters-Montijo; Michelle DeGuire; Mark H. Sawyer; K. Michael Peddecord
Using a Combined Quantitative and Qualitative Approach to Understand Racial Disparities in Adult Vaccination
Mary Patricia Nowalk; Melissa Tabbarah; Mahlon Raymund; Martha Terry; Stephen Wilson; Dwight E. Fox; Richard Zimmerman
Using Information Technology to Improve Adult Immunizations
Carolyn Swenson; Alicia Appel; Moira Sheehan; Anne L. Hammer; Zita Fenner; Stephanie L. Phibbs; Deborah Main
Using the Adult Immunization Schedule to Identify Recommended Vaccines in Clinical Case Studies
Dianne C. Singer; Sarah J. Clark; Gina Mootrey; Faruque Ahmed; Matthew Davis
What Do Parents of Adolescents Who Use Emergency Departments Think about Immunizing Adolescents There?
Stanley J. Schaffer; Sharon Humiston; Cynthia Rand; Peter G. Szilagyi; Crystal Taylor; Christina Albertin; Laura Shone; Allison M. Kennedy
Working Together to Improve Adolescent Immunization Rates in NJ: It's All about Partnerships!
Ruth S. Gubernick; Diane Synhorst; Steven Kairys; Elizabeth G. Marshall
Effectiveness of Immunization Reminder/Recall Program in a Highly Transient Community
Echezona E. Ezeanolue; Ineada Jack; Lopa Shah; Kami Larsen; Chad L. Cross; Beverly Neyland
Quantifying Bias in a Health Survey: An Application of Total Survey Error Modeling to the National Immunization Survey
NoelleAngelique Molinari; Kirk Wolter; Benjamin Skalland; Robert Montgomery; Philip J. Smith; Meena Khare; Martin Barron; Kathleen Santos; Kennon Copeland; James A. Singleton
Safety and Tolerability of 3 Lots of 13-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine in Healthy Infants Given with Routine Vaccinations in the USA
Terry Payton; Douglas Girgenti; Robert Frenck; Scott Patterson; Ahmad Razmpour; William C. Gruber; Daniel A. Scott
Unintentional Injury Following Vaccination — a Hypothesis Generating Study Using the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
Wan-Ting Huang; Kimp Walton; Gayani Tillekeratne; Michael McNeil; Susan Duderstadt; John Iskander
USE of Rotavirus Vaccine in Pediatric Practices in South Carolina
John Stevenson; Maureen S. Kolasa; Paul M. Darden; James Roberts; Elizabeth O'Brien
Missouri's Web of Collaboration
Jennifer Paulk; Jeannie L. Ruth
Parental Refusal of Immunoprophylaxis for Infants of Hepatitis B Virus-Infected Mothers
Kathleen Harriman; Carol Sparks; Rina Shaikh; Kathleen Winter; John Talarico; Howard Backer
Parental Vaccine Concerns in Kentucky
Michael J. Smith; Charles R. Woods; Gary S. Marshall
Stopping a Silent Killer in the Underserved Asian Community: a Novel Liver Cancer Prevention Clinic
Steven Lin; Hyunseung Kang; Phillip Aguilar; Elton Chan; Monica Jeong; William Thieu; Frank Trinh
Timely Immunization in Texas and Barriers Parents Face
Sharon Slater; Debra Saxton; Tony Aragon; Kenzi Guerrero; Amy Engleman
Conducting a Large-Scale, Statewide Training Program for NYSIIS
Jean Reo; Loretta Santilli; Katie Reed; Lori Isabella; Debra Blog; Kimberly Noyes; David Lynch
Immunization Rates among Oregon Medicaid and WIC Participants
Collette M. Young; Steve Robison; Susan Woodbury; Charles A. Gallia; Susan Arbor
Implementation of Online Vaccine Ordering in Washington State
Chris Halsell; Jan Hicks-Thomson; Mike Bin; Belinda Baker
Oregon's ALERT Immunization Information System: Striving to Meet the Needs of School Law
Mary Beth Kurilo; Stacy Matthews; Lorraine K. Duncan; Robb Keller
SIMS: One Time on Line
Rosalie Tuchscherer; Cathy Palmer; Carrie Ann Norman
Ticket, Passport, and e-ICVP: IIS Recruitment of Travel Clinics
Jae Hansen; Anne Cordon; Tracy Healy; Michelle DeGuire; Mark H. Sawyer
Using Immunization Registry-Generated Data and Best Practices to Improve Vaccination Rates of Underserved Children
Linda Y. Fu; Jacob Mbafor; Rosemarie McLaren; Mark Weissman; Denice Cora-Bramble
Alternative Vaccination Locations: Who Uses Them and Can They Increase Flu Vaccination Rates?
Bruce Y. Lee; Ateev Mehrotra; Rachel M. Burns; Katherine Harris
Childhood Influenza Vaccination Coverage among Children 10-28 Months. A Study from the South Carolina Pediatric Practice Research Network
Maureen Kolasa; John Stevenson; James Roberts; Elizabeth O'Brien; James T. McElligott; Paul M. Darden
Community Vaccinator's Forum: Building Partnerships with Nontraditional Immunizers
Courtnay R. McFeters; Elizabeth A. Harton; Patricia A. Vranesich; JoEllen Wolicki; Barbara K. Wolicki; Rosemary Franklin; Rachel Potter
Effect of Concurrent Strategies on Adult Immunization Rates
Melanie Mouzoon; Leon Jerrels; Renee Kearby
Estimated Cost of Health Care Personnel Influenza Vaccination Programs
Chyongchiou J. Lin; Mary Patricia Nowalk; Richard K. Zimmerman
Influenza Vaccination of VFC Versus Non-VFC Children
Praful Bhatt; Christopher S. Ambrose; Pediatric Influenza vaccination Coverage (PIC) Study Group
Missed Opportunities for Influenza Vaccination among Healthy Young Children
Norma J. Allred; Katherine A. Poehling; Peter G. Szilagyi; Fan Zhang; Mila M. Prill; Gerry Fairbrother; Kathryn M. Edwards
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness: Monitoring Vaccine Doses Administered Using Cdc's CRA System
Jeanne Tropper; Warren Williams; Tom T. Shimabukuro; Sanjeeb Sapkota; Charles Williams; Guy Faler; Jeanne Santoli
Partnerships That Work: Flu Advisory Board (FAB) in Michigan
Bob Swanson; Elizabeth A. Harton; Courtnay R. McFeters; Rachel Potter
Seasonal Influenza: a Multi-Faceted Approach to Education, Outreach, and Preparedness
Courtnay R. McFeters; Elizabeth A. Harton; Patricia A. Vranesich; JoEllen Wolicki; Rachel Potter; Rosemary Franklin; Barbara K. Wolicki
Super Shot/Parkview Hospital FluMist Clinics
Connie Kerrigan; Kelly Zachrich
Vote and Vax: Flu Shots Administered to Voters on Election Day
Leeann Moss; Cassandra Dove; Betty Norfleet
An Immunization Information System and Provider Education Partnership: Results of a Pilot Study
Rachel Potter; Dawn Contreras; Elizabeth A. Harton; Traci M. Osterman; Robert Swanson; Patricia A. Vranesich; JoEllen Wolicki
Assessment of School Immunization Coverage Using Random Sampling and CoCASA
Cynthia Dunn Rawn; Beth M. Combs; Carol A. Stanwyck; NoelleAngelique Molinari
Automatic Billing and Vaccines for Children Eligibility Screening
Elizabeth Kelley Parilla; Margaret F. Roddy; John Flynn
Barriers to Compliance with ACIP Recommendations during a Vaccine Shortage
Yolanda Stetson; Darren Robertson; Lauren Greenfield; Libby C. Page; Jeffrey S. Duchin; Kurt A. Wuellner
Determining Provider Compliance with Unannounced Study Visits
John Shieh; Corinne Maloney; Vyla Chan; Joey Chin; Carol Connell; Severino Paras
Hepatitis B Vaccine Birth Dose Promotion and Policy Evaluation
Linda K. Ohri; Christian Eslinger; Kris Stapp; Archana Chatterjee; Carla Christensen; Michaela Hrdy
Immunization Coverage for American Indian and Alaska Native Children
Amy V. Groom; Tammy A. Santibanez; Ralph T. Bryan
Missouri's Vaccine University
Jennifer Paulk; Jeannie L. Ruth
Practice Makes Perfect Training for Immunization Professionals
Tiffany Tate; Kelly Clay; Edward Hirshorn
Texans Speak
Anna C. Dragsbaek
The Antigen Bundle Pricing Problem
Ruben Proano; Sheldon H. Jacobson; Edward C. Sewell; Uday V. Shanbhag
Vaccine-Preventable Disease Outbreak Costs: Implications for State and Local Public Health
James A. Ransom; David Sugerman; Meghan Harris; Paul Biedrzycki; Ismael Ortega-Sanchez
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