Abstract: SIMS: One Time on Line (43rd National Immunization Conference (NIC))

PS88 SIMS: One Time on Line

Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Grand Hall area
Cathy Palmer
Carrie Ann Norman

The Saskatchewan Immunization Management system, know as SIMS, is a computerized immunization database. SIMS is a confidential, population based information system that collects immunization data for children within each Regional Health Authority (RHA) in Saskatchewan. SIMS is Internet-based and promotes the control and elimination of vaccine preventable diseases by providing information and knowledge needed to achieve the best possible immunization coverage.
In Saskatchewan, immunization policy development is the responsibility of the provincial government, while program delivery is the responsibility of the RHAs. Each RHA is required to report immunization coverage information to Saskatchewan Health on an aggregate basis. By providing complete and accurate information on which to base immunization decisions, SIMS is a key tool to increase and sustain high immunization coverage.

Public health clinics in Regional Health Authorities in Saskatchewan.

Public health nurses employed by Regional Health Authorities participated in the project, while providing immunization and other public health services.

Project Description:
This presentation will discuss the current status of the provincial immunization registry, results of the SIMS Point of Service Pilot Project and the production of immunization coverage rates at regional public health levels as well as provincially. The impetus for the point of service pilot project arose from multiple sources. Public Health Nurses expressed a need to move towards one immunization record that they complete when providing services to a client. Public Health Nurse Managers have identified the issues surrounding multiple charting of immunization data.The presentation will highlight the new processes needed to assist Public Health Nurses to carry out on-line charting of immunizations at the point of service in SIMS during the Child Health Clinic (CHC) visit

Results/Lessons Learned:
The results of the SIMS Point of Service project support the move towards province wide Point of Service in all Regional Health Authorities in Saskatchewan.
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