Abstract: "Community Immunity" Art Poster Contest (43rd National Immunization Conference (NIC))

PS4 "Community Immunity" Art Poster Contest

Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Grand Hall area

The Allegheny County Immunization Coalition and the Allegheny County Health Department co-sponsored a poster contest to raise awareness of vaccines that protect the community from vaccine preventable diseases. Believing that academic success depends upon feeling well in school the contest promoted the idea that immunizations contribute to student and family health and wellness. The contest could also be a useful tool for school nurses to promote new school immunization regulations adopted by the county in 2008. A variety of incentives were offered to stimulate student interest. Milestones of the contest were strategically planned to coincide with two National Health Observances. Partners brainstormed on how the art work would be used to deliver an immunization message to as many Allegheny County residents as possible.

Classroom to community

Fifth and sixth grade students

Project Description:
School nurses from 479 schools were invited to participate. Students who participated received a certificate and a calculator. The top three winners from nine participating schools received a prize ribbon. Nine first place posters were professionally matted, framed and displayed in recognition of National Adolescent Immunization Awareness Week during the Three Rivers Art Festival in June. The Director of the festival selected the grand prize winner. That art was featured on 10 billboards across Allegheny County during National Immunization Awareness Month in August. The lucky student was awarded $50 and won $250 for his school.

Results/Lessons Learned:
Four hundred thousand persons attended the festival.
The average monthly billboard viewing for 10 billboards is 4,478,260 persons.
Newspaper highlighted winner as “Young News Maker”
Start early! Schools often plan their curriculums a year in advance.
The coalition benefited from members' connections in the schools, art community and media.
Utilize website and media resources available through the local health department to highlight the contest's milestones.
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