22447 "Make a Date to Vaccinate! A Campaign to Improve Adolescent Immunization Rates"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Grand Hall
Margaret Bernard-Howe, RN , Board President-Tulsa Area Immunization Coalition, Oklahoma State University-Center for Health Sciences-School of Osteopathic Medicine Physicians' Clinic System

Background: "Make a Date to Vaccinate! A Campaign to Improve Adolescent Immunization Rates." Preventing an illness is a bigger victory than curing one! The problem with vaccine-preventable diseases is administering a vaccine to achieve it. Providing health care to adolescents poses unique challenges to the medical community; physician visits decline dramatically during adolescence. The 2008 National Immunization Survey showed Oklahoma’s adolescent rates below national rates: Tdap-12.7%, MCV4-16.7%, HPV4-1.7%. To achieve and maintain high immunization coverage, the TAIC implemented a campaign called "Make a Date to Vaccinate" to increase awareness about vaccine-preventable diseases and immunizations for adolescents. TAIC created and delivered evidence-based guidelines, materials and communication tools so VFC providers could employ best practices to overcome barriers among this population.

Setting: VFC Providers, theaters, bus and bus shelters near schools and Promenade Mall. 

Population: HCWs in above settings, adolescents, family members, general population of Tulsa County.

Project Description: TAIC initiated a comprehensive Adolescent Immunization Awareness, Education and Outreach Campaign focusing on VFC Providers, parents, adolescents, and general public. The goal:to promote and develop strategies that increase adolescent immunization rates in Tulsa County with  emphasis on providing HCWs with evidence-based guidelines, tools, materials and information regarding the importance of (Medicaid covered) well-child checks. “Make a Date to Vaccinate” campaign included: ·  TAIC Adolescent Immunization Tool Kits for Offices & Clinics  ·  Letters to VFC Providers to encourage adolescent immunizations at well-child visits ·  Advertisements in theaters ·  Bus Advertisement on local routes  ·  Bus Shelter advertisements near 9 Tulsa Public High Schools & Promenade Mall

Results/Lessons Learned:Our multi-faceted adolescent immunization campaign increased demand for and rates of adolescent immunizations in Tulsa County. Although all data is not in, it appears that Menactra and HPV coverage at local health department clinics have increased. Additional data continues to be collected and analyzed.

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