22614 Improving Employee Immunization: A Mulit-Hosptial Approach

Monday, April 19, 2010: 3:35 PM
Regency Ballroom VI
Patrick O'Reilly, MPH, PhD , Senior Scientist, Masspro

Background: Influenza is a major hazard to hospitalized patients as it is easily spread among healthcare personnel (HCP) and their patients.  Despite recommendations from professional and public health organizations immunization rates for HCP remain at approximately 50%. In the fall of 2006, data was collected from hospitals across the state on their current immunization programs. For the 2005-2006 season hospitals reported purchasing influenza vaccine for between 20% - 100% (M=51%) of their HCP. 

Setting: Acute and chronic hospitals

Population: Healthcare personnel

Project Description: In September 2007, Masspro initiated a project with 16 hospitals to increase the influenza immunization rate of HCP.  It consisted of obtaining a signed participation agreement, a half-day workshop, and follow-up conference calls.  The keystone of the project was the “Employee Influenza Immunization Campaign Kit”, which was developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Massachusetts Medical Society.  The kit breaks down the immunization process into five steps, and provides tools and educational materials for each step, along with web-sites to obtain additional information.

Results/Lessons Learned: The participating hospitals increased their immunization rates by 11% (51.4 - 62.9%) and, while the kit was considered to be very helpful, the participants reported that the most useful part of the project was the interactions among the participants.  Increasing immunization of HCP can be accomplished using a systems approach in a multi-hospital program. Part of the process involves learning how other providers have organized their programs (“sharing common knowledge”), and being able to incorporate examples from others in their own work.  Developing a structure to allow learning across providers can be an effective part of  any program directed at  increasing immunization among HCP. Presentation will give an update on these hospitals.

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