22659 Let's Fight Flu Together!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Grand Hall

Background: Every year over 38 million school days are missed due to influenza and its complications.  In an effort to keep our children, schools, and communities healthy, PTA has partnered with Novartis Vaccines and Flu Busters to host school-based influenza clinics.  These influenza clinics, taking place in over 1,000 schools in the past two years, have allowed students and their families to receive the influenza vaccine at a convenient time and location for their busy lifestyles.  The initiative, Let’s Fight Flu Together!, focuses not only on the clinics themselves, but educating parents and community leaders about influenza, prevention steps, and why it’s important to vaccinate against the seasonal flu each year.  Our goal is to Educate, Motivate, and Vaccinate.

Setting: PTA and other school based organizations can host an influenza clinic at their schools or in a community place.  During the 2008-2009 school year, 47 states had local PTA sponsored influenza vaccination clinics in over 440 schools and communities.

Population: Let’s Fight Flu Together! was designed to vaccinate more school children against seasonal influenza.  However, this initiative also reaches school staff, families, and community members.  We also work with state Vaccination for Children programs to be able to provide vaccines to Medicaid and Medicare Part B recipients. Attendees who work in state and local health departments and in school settings should attend to learn our best practices.

Project Description: During our workshop we will review the initiative, share best practices, and describe the school-based vaccination model. 

Results/Lessons Learned: Attendees will gather information to assist with their vaccination methods for children and young adults.  They will also gain best practices and ideas to share with their local health departments or schools to improve their students’ health.

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