22656 Older Adult Use of a Nationwide Health Information Hotline for Questions On Vaccination: Lessons From Across the Nation

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Grand Hall
Janelle Commins, MSPH , Research Associate and Senior Analyst for the CDC-INFO Evaluatio, Evaluation, Management, and Training Associates, Inc
Paul Abamonte, Mr , Evaluation Lead for Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Background:CDC-INFO is a point-source of vaccine information for older adults and their partnering health professionals across the nation. A study conducted between October 2008 and May 2009 found that nearly 10 percent of CDC-INFO callers are ages 65 and older, and half of all inquiries from older adults related to vaccinations for disease prevention at home or abroad, more than any other age group.

Objectives:To examine frequently asked questions on vaccinations by older adults. To explore older adult satisfaction with CDC-INFO as a resource for vaccine information.

Methods:All inquirers are offered the option to participate in a brief automated survey at the conclusion of their contact with CDC-INFO.  Older adult respondents numbered 3,384 (9.9% of all respondents in the study; N=34,142). The evaluation employed both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.  Questions asked by inquirers were recorded verbatim; hence qualitative analysis was necessary in order to group questions into meaningful categories.  Multivariate analyses were conducted using variables from an OMB-approved measure in order to examine characteristics contributing to older adult respondent rating of the quality and delivery of public health information. Predictors of desirable and less desirable outcomes will be presented. 

Results:Older adult participants represented all regions of the United States. During the study period, older adults were primarily interested in the side effects and ingredients of live viral vaccines. Also common were questions on immunization guidelines for international travel from the United States.  A larger percentage of older adults receiving information on immunization services endorsed the highest rating on every measure of satisfaction compared to older adults receiving information on non-immunization topics.

Conclusions:Older adults are using CDC-INFO as a resource for decision-making about vaccination. CDC-INFO is meeting these needs demonstrated by the relatively high satisfaction of older adults with vaccine-related inquiries.

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