22851 Audience Research and Segmentation: Reaching Young, Busy, Tech-Savvy Mothers

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Grand Hall
Alma Lydia Thompson, BJ , Marketing and Media Specialist, Texas Department of State Health Services
Audience research and segmentation: Reaching young, busy, tech-savvy moms

Background: New media is a way young busy mothers gather and use information.  To increase the number of young, busy, tech-savvy moms who keep their children on the immunization schedule, the Texas Department of State Health Services used a simple, two-layer creative, interactive approach: First, to remind the target audience of mothers, ages 18-34, to “Get on the Schedule” across all campaign components. Second, to drive moms to the interactive campaign microsite, where they can personalize a printable recommended immunization schedule and sign up for e-mail vaccine reminders.

Objectives:  Increase the number of people in the target audience from pre-test to post-test who state they understand the importance of "following the recommended immunization schedule" in selected areas by December 31, 2009.

Methods: A comparison of post-wave campaign data from a 2008 random survey and baseline Web analytics reports to this year’s 2009 survey and analytics reports. Random survey of 2,400 calls to women, 18-34, who have a child three years of age or younger in four metropolitan areas.

Results: 2009 pre-wave preliminary reports show 96% of respondents believe it is important to follow the recommended immunization schedule, an increase of 26% awareness in comparison to 2008 data.

Conclusions: Using a simple, direct, action driven-message combined with simple online tools helped to engage these young, busy, tech-savvy mothers and made it easier for them to follow the recommended immunization schedule for their children’s vaccines.

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