22862 Yellow Fever Certification Quality Improvement in Washington State

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Grand Hall
Jan Hicks-Thomson, MSW, MPA , Vaccine and Immunization Registry Integration Manager, Washington State Department of Health

Background: Washington State yellow fever provider certification had been in existence for many years. Not all providers, especially those enrolled in the beginning of the program had been certified according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention best practice standards.  Washington’s records were not in alignment with the vaccine manufacturer.  Health Officers were not certified correctly using the numerical codes as set by the United States General Services Administration.

Setting: Statewide

Population: Washington State Yellow Fever providers and persons seeking yellow fever vaccination.

Project Description: Work was completed in collaboration with the licensing body (Health Systems Quality Assurance), the Board of Pharmacy and retail pharmacy organizations. Pharmacy collaborative agreements and provider licenses were reviewed to confirm eligibility for participation in the Yellow Fever Program. Other states were contacted for consultation regarding best practices.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention staff were consulted as well. Providers throughout the state were surveyed, information updated, and certification conformed to CDC standards. New certification stamps were issued, and a best practices protocol outlined.

Results/Lessons Learned:100% of provider responses were received and 100% of Washington Yellow Fever providers are in compliance with certification requirements.  Washington State registry is up-to-date and in alignment with the vaccine manufacturer’s data. Evaluation of long-standing programs can ensure that all participants are in compliance with current standards of practice.  Collaboration between multiple organizations is necessary to reach the audience of providers participating in Yellow Fever Programs. A best practices protocol will be written and shared with others upon request.

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