23083 Developing a Social Media Plan That Works for You

Tuesday, April 20, 2010: 4:05 PM
Regency Ballroom VI
Holli Seitz, MPH , Public Health Analyst, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Background: Social media can be a powerful channel for reaching and engaging with target audiences with strategic and effective immunization messages. Social media provides an opportunity to disseminate childhood immunization messages in new and innovative ways using relatively simple and inexpensive tools.  However, the success of social media in disseminating immunization information will depend largely on an organization’s ability to develop robust strategy for using these tools and integrating social media into an overall communication plan.  

Setting: Any organization disseminating immunization information

Population: Immunization program managers, health educators and others who are responsible for communication planning.

Project Description: This skills-based presentation will discuss how to develop a social media plan, based on an overarching social media strategy and solid communication objectives, to expand reach, increase access and further participation to empower audiences with accurate, timely and credible immunization messages and to empower them to get vaccinated. This session will also address how to choose social media channels based on an organization’s target audience(s) and goals.

Results/Lessons Learned: Using social media to disseminate immunization information can be a successful means of reaching your target audience if it is used effectively and with careful planning. Participants will learn a step-by-step approach to developing a strategy to determine how social media can be used to complement other communication activities.