25143 We've Created a Website. Now What? Improve a Site Using Insights From Google Analytics

Thursday, March 31, 2011: 11:10 AM
International Ballroom - West
Jessica Ek, BA , Sr. Web Analyst and Social Media Specialist, American Nurses Association
Katherine Brewer, MSN, RN , Senior Policy Analyst, American Nurses Association

Background: With 76 percent of Americans turning to the Internet for information, having a website is an important tool in any campaign.  However, building a website with a lot of great elements and useful information is just the first step.  Without updates and improvement a website can quickly become outdated and less effective.  With Google Analytics, a free tool, and just a few spare minutes, you can monitor, evaluate, and improve your website to boost traffic and engage visitors.

Setting: Organizations using websites to raise awareness and provide educational tools regarding vaccinations

Population: Internet users

Project Description: ANA staff will discuss how they have used data driven decision making to improve ANAImmunize.org, their information site about immunization geared for nurses.  ANA staff created a base of toolkits and valuable information for nurses about immunization and then continued to update the site with new features, such as an e-newsletter, an immunity pledge, and an immunity award.  Using Google Analytics, ANA staff tracked the success of these features and looked for places to make improvements.  Monthly reports helped to keep the project on track and give concrete benchmarks for measuring progress.

Results/Lessons Learned: ANA has used Google Analytics to measure the success of their vaccine information website, increase traffic, and improve the user experience.  Attendees will be able to learn from this experience and walk away with tips on how to find actionable insights in web data without being a web analyst and without taking a lot of time.