Novel Approaches to Rapidly Training U.S. Healthcare Workers: Lessons Learned from Ebola

Thursday, August 13, 2015: 12:45 PM-2:15 PM
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On Wednesday, October 15th, 2014, CDC announced that two nurses in Dallas, TX had become infected with Ebola while caring for the first imported case of Ebola from West Africa. These infections occurred despite overall compliance with the recommendations for use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in U.S. healthcare settings. Although the initial CDC PPE guidance was consistent with what was known about the transmission of Ebola and based upon experience with other viral hemorrhagic fevers in U.S. healthcare facilities, it had become apparent that the PPE guidance and the way it was being communicated needed to be strengthened. Additionally, U.S. healthcare workers needed to be rapidly trained to adhere and comply with PPE and other infection control procedures, and CDC needed to ensure facilities had infection control processes and procedures in place to safely manage patients with Ebola. CDC launched into action and leveraged a diverse group of partners to provide Ebola infection prevention training to U.S. healthcare workers using a multi-faceted approach. As a result, CDC has now launched a multi-million dollar initiative to enhance infection control training of U.S. healthcare workers. During this session, CDC health education and communications experts will talk about how they rapidly scaled up training during the Ebola response and what steps they took to ensure the training followed best practices for adult learning, risk communications, and clear communication. This dynamic session will cover lessons learned from Ebola that could be applied to future emerging and endemic infectious disease events.

Rapid Infection Control Training for U.S. Healthcare Workers to Prepare for Ebola
Abbigail Tumpey, MPH, CHES, CDC; Kristin Brinsley-Rainisch, MPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Angela Fisher, BA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; John Horan, M.D., CDC; Carolyn Gould, M.D., MPH, CDC; Kerri Moran, BS, CDC; Nadia Ennis, BS, Northrop Grumman. Contracted to CDC; Peter Costa, MPH, MCHES, Lehigh University; Alfred Junior III, MPH, CDC; Jennifer Mitchell, MPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Innovative Methods to Train Healthcare Workers When the Stakes Are High
Kristin Brinsley-Rainisch, MPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Lisa Maragakis, MD, The Johns Hopkins Hospital; Bryan Christensen, PhD, CDC; Ayse Gurses, MD, The Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, Johns Hopkins Medicine; Kerri Moran, BS, CDC; Teresa Horan, MPH, CDC; Glenn Platt, PhD, C. Michael Armstrong Chair in Interactive Media; Neal Sikka, MD, The George Washington University; Robert Quinn, PhD, 22otters; Angela Fisher, BA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Abbigail Tumpey, MPH, CHES, CDC

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