38437 New Social Tools and Targeting Techniques

Rachel Merritt, Bachelor of Arts, Social Media Department, VI Marketing and Branding, Oklahoma City, OK

Background:  The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline (OTH) was created from funds allocated to the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) through the Master Settlement Agreement. Since 2003, OTH has served more than 350,000 Oklahomans.

Program background:  By identifying the moments in a tobacco user’s life when they’re more likely to be receptive to OTH messaging, the social team leverages the latest strategies, tools and targeting options to engage and “convert” these users to sign up for Helpline services. The OTH “Game of Life” content utilized milestone-targeting capabilities and spoke directly to life events occurring in a tobacco user’s life. For example, a custom audience was created that targeted Oklahoma tobacco users who were having a birthday within 30-days. As a result, 40% of social users who visited OKhelpline.com from this content signed up for Helpline services. A conversion rate 84% higher than the average social user visiting the website. Other milestones included upcoming anniversaries, expectant parents and users who recently listed their relationship status as engaged. The messages were delivered in a variety of content types, such as video, graphics and website click posts ensuring each user saw a content type that they were most likely to respond to. For tobacco users who did not have a life event described above, the social team pinpointed the time of day the target was most likely to sign up for services. Creative was developed that spoke to the potential tobacco trigger moments throughout the day and promoted during corresponding times. For example, it is known that after large meals users typically experience a craving. Creative was developed to speak to this trigger and ran immediately following traditional meal times, resulting in a 5.56% conversion rate. In addition to targeted content, the OTH social team monitors keywords users are utilizing in their social posts across the state such as “cigarette, quit smoking, tobacco” and actively reaches out to users who are experiencing a trigger moment and encourages them to visit or call. Recognizing and meeting tobacco users in these moments, reinforces OTH’s brand position of “No Judgments. Just Help.” No matter the life event or potential trigger moment, the Helpline is there for all tobacco users.

Evaluation Methods and Results:  OneSpot/Marketing Group surveyed 1,500 consumers and found that 86% of respondents reported that if a brand provides personalized, relevant content it makes them more interested in the brand’s products or services. By identifying key motivators or triggers for tobacco users, tracking individual content performances through social metrics and Helpline online sign ups, the same team is able to deliver creative messaging at the right time, in the right format to drive Helpline enrollments.

Conclusions:  Brands can maximize their social efforts and reinforce brand positioning, all while saving time and resources through delivering personalized content to their audience.  

Implications for research and/or practice:  Because the Helpline has a clear objective to drive enrollments at OKhelpline.com and 1-800-QUIT NOW, it streamlines efforts to personalize all content and call-to-actions. Brands must identify clear, measurable objectives to capitalize on personalized content through targeted efforts.