Thursday, April 28, 2005

Reduce Pre-Analytic Errors at Hospital: A Joint Six Sigma Project with Quest Diagnostics and a Hospital Customer

John Bower, Quest Diagnostics-Philadelphia, 900 Business Center Drive, Horsham, PA, USA

Unacceptable specimens were being submitted to the laboratory by a major Hospital client that in turn impacted results turn around time.

What was the main cause of 2.2% of samples submitted by the client being rejected as inappropriate.


Design: Six Sigma DMAIIC process using tools such as; Process Mapping, Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA), Root Cause Analysis
Setting: Clinic offices located within large pediatric metropolitan hospital
Participants: Clinic process experts, Medical Assistants, LPNs, Phlebotomist, Hospital Lab Control, Six Sigma Black Belt
Interventions: Installation and training on Quest Diagnostics customer connectivity system (Care360), Installation process and workflow analysis
Main outcome measures: Weekly monitoring of “Test Not Performed” (TNP) excluding titers

50% reduction (1.1%) in Tests Not Performed saving time for both the clinics and the laboratory while improving care to the patient.

Converting a client from a manual system to an electronic system was key to clarifying testing requirements and reducing “Tests Not Performed”. However, the bigger challenge was obtaining buy-in to assure continued use of the system. This can be accomplished by; making sure the system fits the client's workflow, getting input on their needs, and working with them to remove internal roadblocks.

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