D9d Assessing Geographic Changes in HIV/AIDS Trends: Using GIS to Inform Program Policy

Thursday, March 11, 2010: 9:20 AM
Dogwood A (M1) (Omni Hotel)
Oana Vasiliu, MD, MS, Division of Disease Prevention, Health Informatics & Integrated Surveillance Systems, Virginia Department of Health, Richmond, VA and Jeffrey A. Stover, MPH, Division of Disease Prevention, Virginia Department of Health, Richmond, VA
Epidemiologic trends associated with reported cases of HIV/AIDS have repeatedly declined in recent years within the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).  This reduction in reported HIV disease morbidity is highly desirable.  However, a declining trend may also impact future MSA funding related to HIV patient care, which could highly impact funding allocations received and distributed by the state health department.  

Examples of ad hoc analyses and related GIS maps developed to assess existing epidemiologic and case management parameters will be presented.  These examples are used to provide added value for program assessment, planning and policy development.