D7 The New York State Experience of Developing a Statewide Program for Internet-Based Partner Services (IPS) and Statewide Guidelines for Online Outreach Based On the National Guidelines for Internet-Based STD and HIV Prevention

Background: The continued growth of the social Internet has significant implications for the transmission and prevention of all sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Although it is known that the Internet is a place where public health prevention interventions can be useful, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) lacked broad-reaching guidelines, explicit polices, and in-depth training that could provide adequate support for DIS needing to conduct Internet-based Partner Services (IPS). Through a detailed, multistep, collaborative project the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Sexually Transmitted Disease (BSTDC), the AIDS Institute, and Adelson Consulting Services, developed an IPS program that currently includes all regions within New York State. Additionally, Statewide Guidelines for Internet Outreach were developed to guide community based organizations ,seeking to conduct internet interventions , in the development of agency specific protocols and policies.

Purpose: To demonstrate the development of the statewide IPS program including the creation of statewide guidelines and training, and describe the creation and dissemination of statewide guidelines for both IPS and online outreach developed to supplement the NCSD's National Guidelines for Internet-based STD and HIV Prevention.

Methods (instructional approach): The panelists will provide detailed information that follows the development of both a statewide IPS program that incorporates all regions of New York State and statewide Internet outreach guidelines. This workshop will demonstrate that barriers to the Internet and IPS can be broken down through collaboration and broad reaching protocols and guidelines. We will show that the Internet, as a research tool, can also enhance the quality of all partner services in general and partner notification in particular. Participants will be shown the steps that were taken to enhance partner services with the inclusion of the Internet and that the availability of statewide guidelines for Internet outreach are needed and considered a valuable resource to county and community partners.

Thursday, March 11, 2010: 8:30 AM-10:15 AM
Cottonwood (M1) (Omni Hotel)
8:30 AM
9:05 AM
9:25 AM
Developing Statewide Guidelines for Internet-Based Partner Services and Internet Outreach
Peter Laqueur, MSW, Division of HIV Prevention, New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute, New York, NY
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