Delta Island F
Tuesday, May 11, 2004: 2:00 PM-3:30 PM

B14: Registry Data Use: Calculating Immunization Rates and Targeting Outreach Activities

The workshop will describe various methods of using registry data for calculating immunization rates on both small- and large-scale populations and also for enhancing outreach activities.
Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to describe at least three different options for using a registry in conducting CASA assessments and identify ways in which registries can be used for immunization outreach activities.

Moderator:Dontanette Cohill
2:00 PMIntroductory Remarks
2:15 PMUsing Impact SIIS Data in Assessing Immunization Rates at Two Private Practice Sites
Carolyn A. Parry
2:30 PMMaximizing Immunization Registries for Assessment Activities
Christina Babin, Danielle Reader-Jolley
2:45 PMUtilizing Immunization Registries in Conducting Outreach
Christina Babin, Danielle Reader-Jolley
3:00 PMDiscussion

The 38th National Immunization Conference of CDC