22835 H1N1 School-Based Immunization Program: Experiences From Louisville Kentucky, a Large Metropolitan Area

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Grand Hall
Matt Zahn, MD , Medical Director, Louisville Metro Department of Public Health a, Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness

Background: In the most ambitious school immunization effort since the Salk Polio Vaccine trial of the 1950s, Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness (LMPHW) worked with public and private schools in Louisville Kentucky to provide on-site H1N1 influenza immunization for students and school staff.   

Setting: 90 public elementary, 24 middle, 21 high schools and 33 Catholic elementary and eight high schools in Louisville Kentucky.

Population: School-aged children and teaching staff.

Project Description: Working with school nurses, volunteers and personnel from a local healthcare system, LMPHW initiated on-site immunization activities against H1N1 influenza utilizing intranasal and injectable vaccine during a three-week process.   School personnel worked to obtain and process parent consent forms and provide a safe venue for the vaccine events.  LMPHW, along with nurses and support staff from Norton Healthcare, managed and provided immunization.  

Results/Lessons Learned: More than 17,000 students and staff were immunized each week during the three-week process.  Collaboration with the schools provided challenges in parent education regarding vaccines and the immunization process, and obtaining written consent.  Utilization of school-based resources and community healthcare personnel were critical to the success of the campaign.

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