25446 Interfacing External Information Systems with VTrckS Lessons Learned From the 2010 Pilot Test

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Columbia Hall

Background: CDC initiated VMBIP to increase efficiency of vaccine ordering and distribution. VTrckS, the ordering component of VMBIP, supports ordering and tracking of publicly funded vaccines. A total of 38 of 60 grantees who responded in a survey conducted by the CDC ISD in 2009 indicated that they either support vaccine ordering through an External Information System (ExIS) now or plan to do so in the future. Their goals in doing so are to:

  • eliminate the need for providers and grantees to learn and use a new system
  • leverage vaccine management and VFC reporting in VTrckS to avoid duplicate reporting mechanisms
  • leverage communication strategies in VTrckS to support providers’ own communication strategies 
The initial release of VTrckS became available in mid-December 2010. It provides an interface through which ExIS can upload information about providers, inventory, and orders. Grantees can also download shipping information. This paper outlines steps taken to ensure a smooth transition to VTrckS.


  • The secure VTrckS website is hosted at the CDC. Grantee ExIS reside at state and local health departments. Providers access ExIS from their locations.


  • Grantees and providers who interact with their own ExIS to order vaccine

Project Description: Michigan and Washington grantees collaborated with the CDC to pilot test the interface between their respective ExIS and VTrckS. Grantees engaged in the following activities:

  1. Actively participated on the CDC Grantee Advisory Committee and provided feedback prior to development
  2. Recommended ExIS file layouts
  3. Mapped the VTrckS specification files to VACMAN to identify gaps
  4. Conducted data cleanup
  5. Provided sample files for testing the VTrckS interface
  6. Shared lessons learned for inclusion in a readiness guide

Results/Lessons Learned: Grantees successfully interfaced their ExIS with VTrckS.