Patients Matter: How Can Communicators Help Improve Quality and Satisfaction in the Healthcare Setting

Tuesday, August 11, 2015: 2:00 PM-3:30 PM
Grand A/B
Due to technology, there is more information than ever regarding a wide range of health issues. But not all information is good information and even good information can be misleading if not presented to the general public in a meaningful way. Our panelists will present their research projects that explore best practices in communicating health information to the public, including the use of plain language, strategies for using surveys to improve communication and methods to bridge the gap between health professionals and knowledgeable consumers.

Is My Hospital Safe?: Plain Language and the Power of Data to Spark Action at National, State and Local Levels
Lacey Avery, MA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Nicole Coffin, MA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Lindsey Weiner, MPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Defining a Common Framework for Communicating about Quality
Sally Crelia, MPH, L&M Policy Research; Margaret Gerteis, PhD, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc; Myra Tanamor, MPP, L&M Policy Research; David Miranda, PhD,, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS); Rachel Dolin, Doctoral Student, BA, L&M Policy Research

What You Left out Concerns Me: A Mixed-Method, Exploratory Study Examining the Roles of Omission and Commission in Dissatisfaction Amongst Cancer Patients
Erica Spears-Lanoix, Doctoral Student, M.A., B.A., Department of Health and Kinesiology, Texas A&M; Richard Street, PhD, Texas A&M University; Kathleen Mazor, EdD, University of Massachusetts Medical School; Vanessa Neergheen, B.A., Meyers Primary Care Institute; Andrew Williams, PhD, Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation

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