Ryman Exhibit Hall B (1 and 2)
Wednesday, May 12, 2004: 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

Q1: Exhibit/Poster Viewing (and Break) -- POSTERS

These are some of the abstracts that will presented as posters during all poster and exhibit viewing sessions/breaks.
Impact of the Severity of Seasonal Influenza-like Illnesses (ILI) and Heptavalent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV7) on Invasive Pneumococcal Disease (IPD) in Children and Adults at a Health System in New York
Lorry G. Rubin, Shideh Shafinoori, Christine C. Ginocchio, Abby J. Greenberg, Elaine A. Yeoman, Minawatee Cheddie
Tracking Vaccine Safety Inquiries
Elaine Rich Miller, John Iskander, Penina Haber
Identification of Immunization Pockets of Need in Colorado Using Maternal Risk Factors
Marianne M Koshak, Lane Wake, Joni Reynolds
How Do You Rate? Tools and Strategies to Increase Immunization Rates
Alicia Jordan
North Lawndale Immunization Program
Rabia Akram
Access to Data from Texas VFC Quality Assurance Site Visits
Pamela Mathison, Jack Sims
The Keystone State's Collaborative Partnership for Provider Education Enhances the VFC-AFIX Initiative
Mary Knowlton, Deborah A. Budney, Harryl Allen
AFIX in Pennsylvania
Amy Wishner
Tennessee VFC Top-Down Flowchart and Procedures Manual
Jonna Goostree, Ladora Vineyard
The Immunization Encounter Survey of the National Primary Care Immunization Survey – Physician and Parent Perceptions
Alan P. Janssen, Glen Nowak, Richard Blizzard, Karen Wooten
Improving Immunization Rates Utilizing Chart Audits Done By Physicians
M. Rudolph Brody, Steven D. Woods, Ronald Rosengart
FIXing-up Immunize LA Kids’ AFIX Intervention in South Los Angeles
Tamekia Mosley, Diane Whitfield, Rachel Golden, Julia Heinzerling, Lizz Romo, Terry A. Silberman
An Elementary School Outbreak of Varicella Attributed to Vaccine Failure
Brian R Lee, Shelly Feaver, Claudia Miller, Craig W. Hedberg, Kristen Ehresmann
Outbreak of Breakthrough Varicella in Upstate New York-summer 2003
Debra Blog, Sujatha Ramanathan, Elizabeth Herlihy
Shots in Local Bar Protects Patrons and Partners
Paula Williams
The Association between Medical Home and Vaccination Coverage among VFC-Eligible Children
Philip Smith, Jeanne Santoli, Susan Y. Chu, Dianne Ochoa, Lance Rodewald
Unvaccinated Children: Who Are They, and Where Do They Live?
Philip Smith, Susan Y Chu, Lawrence E. Barker
Red + Blue = Purple: Vaccine Deferral "Event" used as a Testing Vehicle for the Mass Prophylaxis Protocol of Allen County
Anita Capicotte, Melanie Benge Koch
Fatal Respiratory Diphtheria in Pennsylvania
Heather Lynn Stafford
Pertussis Outbreaks in Upstate New York in 2003
Elizabeth Herlihy, Debra Blog
WIC/Immunization Linkage
Leigh Tao, Sue Bowden
Vaccination Status among Elderly Patients in an Urban Emergency Department Setting
Carrie Blades, Monica Pradhan, William M. Cassidy, Dale Marioneaux, Sarah D'Autremont
Vaccination Record-Keeping Essentials -- Do You Have All of the Tools You Need?
Diane Peterson, Deborah Wexler
Influenza Vaccination Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices: Findings from the Racial and Ethnic Adult Disparities in Immunization Initiative (READII) Baseline Survey
Carla Winston, Pascale Wortley
Immunize and Win a Prize
Michael Parsons
The Immunization Coalition Sustainability Project
Patricia K Bakalian, Lucinda L.W. Connelly
The Impact and Importance of Immunization Coalitions: Perceptions of State Immunization Program Managers
Helen Morrow, Brian K. Collins
South Carolina ImmuNET Program
Antonio Boyd
Stay On Track Daycare Initiative
Susan Tweed, Sarah Nasca, R. Clinton Crews
PFGE Analysis of a School-Associated Pertussis Outbreak; Yavapai County, AZ; 2002
Stephen Everett, Susan Goodykoontz, Kris Bisgard, Blaine Mathison, Pam Cassiday, Gary Sanden
Montana's Reading Well Project
Jackie Thiel, Joyce E. Burgett, Marci Eckerson
Feasibility of Research Surveys among Vaccine Opponents
Rachel Enriquez, Victoria Persky
Immunization Requirements for Children in Child Care Group Settings
Phuoc T. Tran
Varicella Sentinel Surveillance in Pennsylvania
Phuoc T. Tran
Newborn Nursey Hepatitis B Immuno Prophylaxis
Joeanne Maljevac
Immunization Requirements for Childcare Programs: Are They Enough?
Carol A. Stanwyck, Maureen S. Kolasa, Kate M. Shaw
Administration of a Combination Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella Vaccine (ProQuad®) to 4- to 6-Year-Old Children Previously Vaccinated with M-M-R®II and Varivax®
Keith S. Reisinger, Michelle L. Hoffman, Jin Xu, Bradley J. Sullivan, Gary S. Marshall, Beth W. Nauert, David O. Matson, Peter E. Silas, Florian Schödel, Jacqueline O. Gress, Barbara J. Kuter
Factors associated with physician recommendation of varicella vaccine after the 2002 shortage
Melissa Tabbarah, Judith A. Troy, Richard K. Zimmerman, Barbara H. Bardenheier, Mahlon Raymund, Stephanie Cleary
New Jersey’s Smallpox Vaccination Clinic Experience, 2003: Lessons Learned and Implications for Future Practice
Laura Taylor, Christina G. Tan, Suoqun Liu, Suzanne Miro, Carol A. Genese, Eddy A. Bresnitz
Measurement of Immunization Coverage at Age 24 Months versus 19-35 Months: How Much Difference Does it Make?
Tammy A. Santibanez, Lawrence E. Barker, Kate M. Shaw
Improving Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates among Adult Cystic Fibrosis Patients
David Young, Kristin Bleyl, Teresa Clark, Theodore Liou
Evaluation of Assessment of Adult Immunizations in Public and Private Practices Using A-CASA
Abby J. Greenberg, Daniel J. Kuhles, Elaine A. Yeoman, Minawatee Cheddie
Registry Anywhere: How Wireless Technology Enhanced the San Antonio Immunization Registry
Robert M. Perez
Measurement of Learning Gains Through Use of Web Based, Interactive Vaccine Education: The Vaccine Healthcare Centers (VHC) Network, Project Immune Readiness
Elaine S Colen, Limone C. Collins, Linda Huebert, Sandra L Schneider, Renata J. M. Engler, Michael R. Nelson, Bryan L. Martin, Joyce Hersey, Mary Alice Willis
Do "Too Many Shots Due" Lead to Missed Vaccination Opportunities? Does it Matter?
Allen Meyerhoff, R Jake Jacobs
Factors associated with where people go for their influenza vaccination
Jennifer Reuer, Cedric Brown, Gary L. Euler, Carolyn Bridges
Estimating Immunization Coverage Rates at the Community Level using Public School Immunization Data (PSID) & CASA
Julie Morita, Enrique Ramirez
Operation Immunization: The Nation's Pharmacy Students Protecting the Public's Health
Mitchel Rothholz, Keith D. Marciniak, Winning Student Chapter APhA-ASP
ImmUnity Works – Collaborative Efforts in Immunization Assessment of WIC Children Under Two Years of Age
Adrianna J Garza-Gongora
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), USA –Web Base Reports: Twenty-one Months Experience
Penina Haber, Susanne Pickering, Roseanne English, John Iskander
Effects of a New Combination Vaccine on Childhood Immunization Coverage Rates
Allen Meyerhoff, David P. Greenberg, R Jake Jacobs
Using Hosptial Discharge Data as a Varicella Surveillance Tool
Wayne Staggs, Jon Lewis
Pertussis in Burnet County, Texas, 2002
Diane Romnes
Enhancing Vaccine Safety Initiatives in Immunization Registries with National Exchange Standards
Ronald Van Duyne, Pete Gruenberger, Francis M. Bezzina, Sean Shadomy, Warren Williams, Robert T. Chen
Pharmacist-run Influenza Vaccination Clinic: Pilot Program Evaluation
Brooke Sweeney
The Role of Michigan’s Childhood Immunization Registry (MCIR) in AFIX Provider Quality Assurance Reviews
Paul Moffat, Barbara Day, Elizabeth Hazel, Stephanie J Sanchez
Varicella Outbreaks in an Active Surveillance Site: Antelope Valley, CA, 1995-2003
Teresa Maupin, Rachel Civen, Aisha Jumaan, Huiling Xiao, Jane Seward, Laurene Mascola
Uses of GIS Software in Immunization Programs
Sheela Patel, K. Michael Peddecord, Kathleen W. Gustafson
Prediction of Vaccination Among Older African- versus White-Americans in Rural versus Urban Alabama
Melissa C. Kuhajda, Richard M. Shewchuk, John C. Higginbotham, H. Russell Foushee, Karen Wooten, James D. Leeper, Lasonja B. Kennedy

The 38th National Immunization Conference of CDC