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P1: Posters

Are Providers Prepared to Deliver Yellow Fever Vaccine Effectively?
Joni Reynolds, Lillian Spreng
The Administration of Tetanus Vaccine in the Emergency Department (ED): United States, 2003
Kimberly R. Middleton, Michael McNeil
Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Coverage Rates in Uppsala County, Sweden during the Winter of 2004–2005
Karlis Pauksen, Staffan P.E. Sylvan, Brith Christenson
Using Cluster Analysis to Examine Patterns of Knowledge and Attitudes among Unvaccinated Older Adults: Results of the Racial and Ethnic Adult Disparities in Immunization Initiative (READII) Survey, 2004
Barbara H. Bardenheier, Pascale Wortley, Carla A. Winston, Michael L. Washington, Megan C. Lindley, Karena Sapsis
Review of 12th Grade Student Immunization Records to Assess Long Term Impact of Middle School Immunization Requirements
Rose Wang, Patricia N. Hernandez, Melissa Ely Moore
Adult vaccination coverage levels among current users of Complementary/Alternative Medicine-Results from the 2002 NHIS
Shannon Stokley, Karen Lees, Allison Kennedy, Barbara Bardenheier
Influenza Vaccination Coverage of High Risk Adults in a Time of Vaccine Shortage During the 2004 - 2005 Influenza Season
Abby J. Greenberg, Pei Fang Liu, Yolanda Fernandez, Elaine Yeoman
All Sold Out! The Impact of the Influenza Vaccination Shortage on Various Populations: Comparison of Coverage in 2003-04 and 2004-05 Flu Seasons
Wendy Wang, Robert Vryheid, Mark H. Sawyer, Kathleen W. Gustafson, Michelle Picardal, Michelle De Guire
Healthcare Worker Immunization Promotional Tools
Debra Blog, Lynn Pollock
Annual “Kick Off” of NYS Adult Immunization Coalitions
Lynn Pollock
A Multi-faceted Statewide Adult Immunization Program
Sheryl Knutsen, Patrick O'Reilly
Money Matters: How Discussion of Financial Matters during the Clinical Encounter Affects Decisions to Vaccinate
John M. Fontanesi, Linda Hill
Do Immunization Outreach Programs Save Medicare Money in the Long Run: READII Rochester
Margaret S. Coleman, Nancy M. Bennett, Christine Long, Sharon Humiston, Pascale Wortley, Tamara J. Kicera
Vaccinate Your Staff! Applying Lessons Learned in 2004 to Create a Health Care Worker Influenza Contest for 2005
Tracy Healy, Jennifer Sterling, Kim M. Contardi, Christine A. Garcia, Mark H. Sawyer, Kathleen W. Gustafson, Hajime Kamiya
Immunization Practices of Family Physicians - 2004 and 2005
Jonathan L. Temte, Herbert F. Young, Bellinda K. Schoof
Addressing Racial Disparities in Influenza Immunization During a Vaccine Shortage: A Successful Collaboration Between Public Health and Community Health Centers
Nancy M. Bennett, Christine E. Long, Sharon Humiston
Projecting the Health and Economic Impact of a Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine using a Multi-type Transmission Dynamic Model
Elamin Elbasha, Erik Dasbach, Ralph Insinga
Do Influenza Vaccine Providers Know and Understand the Safety and Efficacy Concerns of African Americans 50 and Older?
K. Jupka, Ricardo Wray, Wilhelmina Ross, Delores Dotson, Heather Jacobsen
Nursing Home Resident and Facility Characteristics Associated with Receipt of Influenza Vaccination, National Nursing Home Survey (NNHS), 1995-1999
Barbara H. Bardenheier, Abigail Shefer, Ronald B. Tiggle, Robin Remsburg, Jill Marsteller, Suchita Lorick
Implementation of LAIV (Flu Mist) in Public Health Influenza Program
Christina T. Coenen
Philadelphia Department of Public Health Influenza Mass Vaccination Site
James W. Sweeney, Abbey Mahady, Shannon Fitzgerald, Esther Chernak, C. Victor Spain, Caroline Johnson
Cultivating partnerships: An intergrated approach to vacinating adults at risk in rural state
Tina Patterson
Coming Up Short: The Impact on Providers of the Influenza Vaccine Shortage in San Diego County During 2004-2005
Hajime Kamiya, Robert Vryheid, Wendy Wang, Carol Quinn, K. Michael Peddecord, Kathleen W. Gustafson, Mark H. Sawyer
Understanding Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Influenza Up-take: A Qualitative Approach
Mary Ann Livoti-DeBellis, L. Kay Bartholomew, B.J. Selwyn, Karen J. Chronister, Elizabeth E. Sablotne
The Impact of Recommending Influenza Vaccinations for U.S. Adults Ages 50-64 on a Composite Measure of Clinical Preventive Service Delivery
Douglas Shenson, Julie Bolen, Mary Adams
A Multi-vaccine Mass Immunization Effort in Response to Hurricane Katrina
Salman Baghian, Dale Marioneaux, Aubrey F. Lipham, William M. Cassidy
Expanding Immunization Registries Into the Patient Portal Venue – Is there Value?
Tina Ellis Coyle
"Roll In, Roll Up, Roll Out" - Drive-Thru Flu Clinic - An Alternative and Collaborative Approach to Receiving Flu Shot
Joanne C. Sullivan, Bonita Trapnell, Sharon Muller, Beth A. Kehler, Debra Stoops
Predictors of Low Influenza Vaccination Coverage Among Hispanics Aged 65+ Years, National Health Interview Survey, 2000-2004
Surasak Youngpairoj, Gary L. Euler, Peng-jun Lu, Jennifer Reuer, Guillermo Herrera
Minnesota Survey of Obstetric and Gynecologic Physicians On Immunization Practices
Gary J. Wax
Projected Cost-benefit Analysis of Increasing Immunization against Influenza in the US: Assessing Strategies toward Universal Vaccination
Ismael R. Ortega-Sanchez, Noelle-Angelique Molinari
Quantifying Factors Associated with Influenza Vaccine Uptake by Race/Ethnicity
Karen J. Chronister, Charles Amos, B.J. Selwyn, L. Kay Bartholomew, Elizabeth E. Sablotne
Effectiveness of Hepatitis B vaccine screening as a surrogate-screening tool for blood borne infectious diseases
Salman Baghian, Dale Marioneaux, Glenn N. Jones, Ronald Horswell, Kim Nguyen, William M. Cassidy
How to Get 'em Back: Mass Flu Clinics after a Flu Shortage Season
Judy H. Strait-Jones, Stanley J. Michaels
Operation Immunization: The Nation's Student Pharmacists and Practitioners Protecting Public Health
Julie C. Bartell, Jennifer Athay
The Challenges and Opportunities of Vaccinating Healthcare Workers for Influenza
Scott Spillmann, Vivian W. Barbee
Pilot Results from a Flu Vaccine Uptake Empowerment Intervention With Older Minority and Low Income Adults
Jean J. Schensul, William B. Disch, Elsie Vazquez, Kim E. Radda, Rita Jepsen
Evaluation of Time through Screening and Vaccination in an Influenza Mass Vaccination Site
C. Victor Spain, James W. Sweeney, Mindy J. Perilla, Shannon Fitzgerald, Steven Alles
Evaluation of the Notification System for a Community-Based Mass Vaccination Site
Julie C. Lai, James W. Sweeney, C. Victor Spain, Abbey Mahady
Safety of Live-Virus Vaccines for Children With Immune Deficiency
Karlen E. Luthy, Renea L. Beckstrand
Not IF, but WHEN: The Threat of Pandemic Influenza
Michael Olesen
Controlling an Imported Measles Outbreak - Indiana, 2005
Wayne Staggs, David Ellsworth, Charlene Graves
Interventions Over 2 Years to Increase Influenza Vaccination of Children Aged 6-23 Months in Inner-City Family Health Centers
Richard K. Zimmerman, Mary Patricia Nowalk, Chyongchiou J. Lin, Feng-Shou Ko
Tailored Interventions to Introduce Influenza Vaccination among 6-23 Month-old Children at Inner-city Health Centers
Mary Patricia Nowalk, Chyongchiou J. Lin, Richard K. Zimmerman, Alejandro Hoberman, Judith A. Troy, Diana H. Kearney
Parental Perspectives on Influenza Vaccination of Children with Chronic Medical Conditions
Chyongchiou J. Lin, Richard K. Zimmerman, Mary Patricia Nowalk, Feng-Shou Ko, Mahlon Raymund, Alejandro Hoberman, Diana H. Kearney, Bruce Block
Pertussis in Ohio: Using GIS-based analysis to investigate increased incidence
Shannon A. Rowe
Validity of Parental Report of Children's Influenza Vaccination Status
Tammy A. Santibanez, Gary L. Euler, Kate M. Shaw, James A. Singleton
Household Reported Influenza Vaccination Among Children Aged 7-23 Months, National Immunization Survey, 2004
Kate M. Shaw, Mary M. McCauley, James A. Singleton
Viral Strain Identification Among Varicella Vaccinees With Herpes Zoster
Barbara Watson, Scott Schmid, Karl Heath, Dana Perella, Donovan Robinson, C. Victor Spain, Meredith Reynolds
Epidemiology and Vaccine Safety
Yetunde Oyenike Maku
Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis: More cases of this fatal disease are prevented by immunization than was previously recognized.”
Jennifer S. Rota, William J. Bellini, Luis E. Lowe, Russell S. Katz, Paul R. Dyken, Sherif R. Zaki, Wun-Ju Shieh, Paul A. Rota
A Unique Assessment of Hospital Infection Control Policies in Los Angeles County
Vi T. Nguyen, Christina Mijalski, Martha Stokes, Vichuda Lousuebsakul, Marifi Pulido, Dulmini Kodagoda
Epidemiology of Haemophilus influenzae Type B Infections among Children Aged less than 5 Years – California, 1990-2005
Jennifer F. Myers, Celia J.I. Woodfill
Safety and Efficacy of a Pentavalent Human-Bovine (WC3) Reassortant Rotavirus Vaccine (RotaTeqTM) in Premature Infants
Michelle G. Goveia, Peter Hastings, Zoe Rodriguez, Michael J. Dallas, John Boslego, Penny Heaton
Description of the Full Range of Adverse Events (AE) following Pre-event Smallpox Vaccination, New York City – 2003
Melissa Marx, Angel R. Aponte, Susan Manning, Annie Fine, Vikki Papadouka, Jennifer Leng, Pauline Thomas, Stephen Friedman
The Impact of Hurricane Ivan on the Management of a Pertussis Outbreak
Catheryn W. Mellinger, Dawn Ginzl, Aimee Pragle, Darci Lolley, Dr. Joann Schulte
Elementary School Varicella Outbreak In Illinois Among Vaccinated Students
Purisima Concepcion Linchangco, Matthew Dwayne Westercamp, Catherine Anne Counard, David James Nimke, Michael Omar Vernon
Rotavirus Vaccination and Intussusception: How Much Can We Decrease Background Cases of Intussusception by Restricting the Vaccination Schedule?
Jennifer H. Tai, Aaron T. Curns, Umesh D. Parashar, Joseph S. Bresee, Roger I. Glass
Cardiac Adverse Events After Smallpox (Vaccinia) Immunization
Stephen M. Ford, Renata J. M. Engler, J. Edwin Atwood, John Grabenstein
The Validity of Self-reported Varicella History among Women in an Antenatal Clinic
Tina R. Carbajal, Rachel H. Civen, Teresa Maupin, Laurene Mascola
Immunization Registries, A Vital Role in Vaccine Safety Monitoring and Studies
Marlene M. Lugg, Monique Bryher
Wash Your Hands: Respiratory Disease Prevention During Holiday-Flu Season
Tammy Pilisuk
It's Not Magic. It's Immunizations! National Infant Immunization Week and Toddler Immunization Month
Karen D. Norwood, Norene Debruycker, Scott Southward, Marcy Jones
Factors Fueling the Vaccine-Critical Movement
Deborah L. Wexler, Teresa Asper Anderson
Immunization Educational Telephone Assistance Program
Teresa Phillips, Pamela Strohfus, Cindy L. Howarth
Development of a Survey Instrument to Measure Psychosocial Determinants of Immunization Intentions of Canadian Immunization Providers Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour
Karen Lee Pielak, Cheryl McIntyre, Beth Halperin, Jane Buxton, Valencia Remple
Educating Healthcare Professionals about New Vaccines or Changes to Vaccine Recommendations
Paul Offit, Charlotte A. Moser
Pandemic Influenza Communications : Messages in the Media
Cindy Fowler, Alan P. Janssen, William Q. Artley
The Communication Gap: What do patients really understand?
Stephanie L. Coleman, John M. Fontanesi, Christine E. Long
Evaluation of Immunization Messages in Statewide Health Promotion Mailings
Dahlia Kupfer, Michele Perrin, Denise Farrand, Laura Hutchinson, Nicole Pender, Karen S. Arbogast
Vaccine Criticism on the World Wide Web
Richard K. Zimmerman, Robert M. Wolfe, Dwight E. Fox, Jake R. Fox, Mary Patricia Nowalk, Judith A. Troy, Lisa K. Sharp
Developing Messages to Address Barriers to Receiving the Influenza Vaccine for African Americans 50 and Older
Heather Jacobsen, K. Jupka, Ricardo Wray, Wilhelmina Ross, Delores Dotson
California's Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercise
Everly Macario, Janet Yuen
Employing Cause-related Marketing Strategies and Community Partnerships to Increase Flu Vaccine Rates
Dawn Emerick, Bonnie Mason
Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs of Healthcare Providers for Identification and Reporting of Adverse Events Following Immunization
Michael McNeil, Susanne Pickering, Donna Rickert
Increasing Immunization Registry Utilization through Real Time Information Integration
Julie A. Boom, Cynthia S. Nelson, Anna C. Dragsbaek, Nathan Bunker
Keeping Track of Idaho's TOTS
Nikki Sayer
School Entry Requirements: Implications for Targeting Middle School Vaccination Efforts
Surbhi Modi, Gail A. Horlick, Cynthia L. Knighton, Carol A. Stanwyck, Jessica Leung, Felicita David, Phyo Ba Kyu, Daniel B. Fishbein
A School/Daycare Immunization Audit Program for PDAs
David Erikson, Bobby Ragan
Perinatal Hepatitis B Data Improvement Project Pennsylvania Department of Health
Mark V. Wessner
Pilot-Testing Registry Training Standards of Excellence: A State Model
Tammy Pilisuk
Starting Over: What to do when registry particpants' activity decreases
Susan Anderson, Justina Kubasiak, Maureen K. Murphy, Amanda Wilson, Katie Reed
How to Get Your Foot and Your IR in the Door
Tina Kubasiak, Susan D. Anderson, Katie E. Reed, Amanda Patti, Maureen K. Murphy
Impact of Registry Data During a Mass Immune Globulin Vaccination Clinic
Andie Denious, Kimiko Gosney
Building Immunization Surveillance Capacity in Tribal Health Programs
Jim Marshall, Robin A. Pollini, Manning Fienleib
Using Incentive Programs to Improve Private Provider Participation in Rregistry Programs
Delaine Sans, Janet L. Balog
Site Stages-Monitoring the Progress of Registry Participants
Kathleen Kuhnen, Amanda Patti, Susan D. Anderson, Katie E. Reed
Hurricane Katrina: Providing LINKS Access Nationally - Lessons Learned
Stacey L. Goodall, Quan Le, Ruben Tapia
Vaccine Ordering and Accountability System: Integration with the CHILD Profile Immunization Registry (CPIR)
Janna Bardi, Mike Garcia
Improving Mass Immunizations Using a Web-Based Registry
Anita S. Crielly, Joseph D. Castora
Pay for Performance Program Utilizing an Immunization Registry, a Practical Example
Maureen K. Murphy, Thomas J. Foels, Katie E. Reed
The River Center Shelter Mass Vaccination Clinic
Jeremy William Scott, Quan Le, Ruben Tapia
Using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Technology to Visualize Immunization Data in Web-based Immunization Information Systems
Raoul Kamadjeu, Apoorva Patel, Mac Otten
Comparison of Immunization Completion Rates between American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) and non-AI/AN Children in the Arizona Sentinel Site Study Region
Kimiko Gosney, Scott Hamstra, Michael Conklin, Kathy Fredrickson, Amy V. Groom
Use of a Registry to Measure the Uptake of an Accelerated Schedule for DTaP Immunization in Response to State Recommendation during the 2005 Pertussis Outbreak in Arizona
Kimiko Gosney, Michael Conklin, Kathy Fredrickson
Data Export Availability: A Pilot Project to Increase Immunization Registry Enrollment & Participation
Margo H. Harris, Sherry Riddick
Linking Immunization Registries and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Detect Areas of Low Immunization Coverage (“Pockets of Need”)
John P. Pitman, Barbara C. Canavan, James L. Tobias, Nathan E. Crawford, Justin Weisser, Donald Dumont, James Gaudino, Richard Schieber
Data Mining Registries for Work Reduction
Mimi Larzelere, Rami Abuhamdeh, Pamelia Baggett, Doug Orr, Lisa Howard, David Blier, Charles Murff
VaxTrack Provider Management Database - Evolving from Facilitating Provider Enrollment to Increasing Provider Retention
Letty D. Cherry, Jennifer K. West
“Funding the California Registry: A Statewide Coalition's Rx for Success"
Norene DeBruycker, Kathleen Worthing Gustafson
WellCareTracker™ - Developing, Testing, and Implementing the Immunization Assessment Algorithm as a Web Service
Stuart T. Weinberg, Jerold Aronson, Susan S. Aronson
Improving Data Quality of Electronic Registries
Dianne Rucinski, Karen Austin
The Electronic Public Health Record - Vision and Progress in Kentucky
Jacquelyn E. Lee, Robert Conn
Evaluating Deduplication Effectiveness
David Shields
Using Oregon's Immunization Information System (IIS) to recall children who received subpotent DTaP vaccine
Mary Beth Kurilo, Anna Halpin, Don Dumont, Barbara Canavan
Rapid Deployment of LINKS in Support of Mass Immunization Clinics in Shelters
Quan Le, Ruben Tapia, Mike Garcia
Dealing with the "Less than Enthusiastic" Stakeholder
Debra J. Warren, Michael Parsons
VFC Provider-Based Reminder/Recall through an Immunization Information System to Increase Immunization Rates in a Sentinel Site Childhood Population
Cherie Thomas, Karyn L. Berry, Rosie McLaren, Jackie Wiggins, Paul Hess, Jacob Mbafor
Accuracy and Completeness of Immunization Registry Data: a Comparison with Chart Data
Vikki Papadouka, Alexandra Ternier, Karen Fernandez, Ukachukwu Nkwocha
Using Registries to Improve Employee Health Immunization Management
Carole J. Joyce
Finding a Common Denominator - Survey Methods in Large and Diverse State
Cecilie Birner, Trisha Papa
HL7 Profile for California
Chris K. Kim, AbdulMalik Skakir, Cecilie Birner
A Rule-Based Engine Approach for the Vaccine Algorithm in California Automated Immunization Registry Software
Chris K. Kim, Roberta Lewis, Lenny Santiago, Gil Kasparek
The Milestone Program – Using Results-Based Accountability for Program Evaluation
Letty D. Cherry
Evaluating the Effect of an Immunization Registry and Care Management System to Increase Immunization Rates of High Risk Persons
Marlene M. Lugg
Using the Web-Based Vaccine Selection Algorithm to Assemble Least-Cost Pediatric Immunization Formularies
Daniel A. Allwine, Alan R. Lindsey, Mohammed Qadeer Ahmed, Jenna E. Bradford, Bruce G. Weniger
Stockpile Levels for Pediatric Vaccines: How Much is Enough?
Sheldon H. Jacobson, Edward C. Sewell, Ruben Proano
Combination Vaccines - How They Helped Improve Immunization Rates in Health Centers in Suffolk County, NY
Mary Koslap-Petraco, Oneek Iftikhar
Immunization Requirements for School Entry: Which Edge is Your State On?
Cynthia L. Knighton, Robert Avey, Carol A. Stanwyck, Nicole Smith
A Sentinel Physicians System as a Technique for Rapid Turnaround Immunization Policy Surveys
Lori A. Crane, Matthew F. Daley, Brenda L. Beaty, Shannon Stokley, Miriam Dickinson, Jennifer Barrow, Christine Babbel, John F. Steiner, Art Davidson, Allison Kempe, Stephen Berman
A National Survey of Pediatrician Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Human Papillomavirus Vaccination
Matthew F. Daley, Lori A. Crane, Brenda L. Beaty, Jennifer Barrow, Christine Babbel, Nicole Liddon, Lauri Markowitz, Shannon Stokley, Eileen F. Dunne, Miriam Dickinson, Stephen Berman, Allison Kempe
Pneumococcal Vaccination in General Internal Medicine Practice - Current Practice and Future Possibilities
Allison Kempe, Matthew F. Daley, Lori A. Crane, Brenda L. Beaty, Shannon Stokley, Jennifer Barrow, Christine Babbel, Miriam Dickinson, Stephen Berman, John F. Steiner
Influenza Vaccination Coverage among High-Risk Children during the 2002-2003 Influenza Season
Bo-Hyun Cho, Maureen S. Kolasa, Mark L. Messonnier
The Chicken and The Egg: The Dynamics of Influenza Demand and Supply
Christine M. Layton, Amanda, A. Honeycutt, Lucia Rojas Smith, Nathan West, Nancy Lenfestey, Tara Robinson
Needle Crushing at Outreach Immunization Sites: National Policy Required for Public Health Safety
Rasheduzzaman Shah, Nizam Uddin Ahmed, Habib Mahmud, Mohsin Wazed, Shams-Uz Zaman
Formulating an Evidence-Based Approach for ACIP Recommendations
Megan C. Lindley, Susan E. Manning, Daniel B. Fishbein, John Moran, Robin Womeodu
Improving Coverage Rates: Indiana State Health Department Task Force
Charlene Graves, Jennifer J. McCarthy, Beverly Sheets, Carol Briley, Karee Buffin
Pharmacy-based Vaccination Services: A Comparison between Outsourced and In-house Services
S.C. Westrick, J.K. Mount
Assessment and Enforcement of Iimmunization Requirements for Children in Day Care
David A. Neumann
V.I.P.: Vacccinate for Influenza Prevention – A Community-Based Approach to Increasing Vaccine Acceptability Among Urban Older Adults
Kim E. Radda, Elsie Vazquez, Ken Williamson, Jean J. Schensul, Rita Jepsen, Debbye Rosen, Laurie St. John
Improving Immunization Practices in Non-traditional Settings: From Training to Follow Up Care
Allison R. Christ
Physician Peer Education Project on Immunization: A State Agency and University Partnership
Dawn Contreras, Tammy Sullivan
Results of 5 year GPRA Immunization of Medicaid Two-Year-Old Beneficiary Study
Linda S. Murphy, Nancy E. Fenlon
Frequently Asked Questions: The Most Common Inquiries Received by the Immunization Action Coalition from Healthcare Professionals
Teresa Asper Anderson
Raising Immunizations Thru Education (RITE) Program Evaluation
Julie A. Boom, Cynthia S. Nelson
Is There a Difference in Up-To-Date Immunization Rates When Children Receive All Recommended Immunizations at One, Two, or Three or more Clinics?
Joey Chin, John Shieh, Severino Paras, Leslie Barber, Carol Connell, Sue T. Dao
Uptake of A New Combination Vaccine in Public Nonprofit Clinics Within Los Angeles County
A. Nelson El Amin, Jon La Mori
Immunization Status of Children in Colorado Child Care Facilities
Lane Wake, Marianne M. Koshak, Joni Reynolds, Carol Stanwyck
Timely Immunizations Campaign
Harryl Allen, Donald Quigley, Greg Kahn
Enhanced AFIX: The New Mexico Shots on Time Project
Anne Lutz
No Baby Blues! The Impact of Recommendation for Influenza Vaccination of Children Aged 6-23 Months: Comparing Coverage Levels for 2003-04 and 2004-05 Flu Seasons
Wendy Wang, Robert Vryheid, Mark H. Sawyer, Kathleen W. Gustafson, Michelle Picardal, Michelle De Guire
Factors Affecting The Decision To Adopt The Standards For Vaccination: ”What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate”
Linda Hill, John M. Fontanesi, Nancy Bennett, Mark L. Messonnier
Cost Effective Pediatric Immunization PRactices
John M. Fontanesi, Linda Hill, Mark L. Messonnier, Abby Shefer
Focus Study Immunization Delayed Children ages 24-35mo at St, Joseph's MCHC Pediatric Office
Kay Ellen Powell
Use of Reminder/Recall and M.O.G.E. among VFC Providers to Improve Immunization Levels in Houston, Texas
Mark M. Kabue, Rachel Burrell-Nichols, Risha L. Jones
Estimating State Specific Vaccination Coverage of Medicaid Enrolled Children
John Stevenson, Philip Smith
Characteristics of High Performing Private Practices
Christopher Rizzo
Strengthening the Childhood Immunization Program in Kenya
John Stevenson, Karen A. Wilkins
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Parental Immunization Behaviors
Lindsay B. Newcomb, Holly Groom, Maureen Kolasa
Measuring Immunization Coverage for American Indian and Alaska Native Children
Amy V. Groom
Quality Improvement Theory Applied to VFC field activities
Howard Backer, Betty Tran, John M. Fontanesi, Linda Hill
First Grade Retrospective Study
Susan Kovach, Anne Morse
What organizational characteristics and HEDIS measures are associated with managed care organizations' performance of childhood immunizations?
Barbara H. Bardenheier, Abigail Shefer, Fangjun Zhou, Noelle-Angelique Molinari, Sarah Shih, Yuan Kong, Holly Groom
Boosting Immunization Rates Through Centralized Reminder / Recall
Brandy Altstadter, Quan Le
Oklahoma City Indian Clinic Immunization Outreach Program
Michelle Jesse
Pandemic Influenza Planning-The Role of Traditional Immunization Staff and Coalitions
James B. Bender, Laura Ann Nicolai
Timeliness of Childhood Immunizations in a State Medicaid Population
Gary S. Marshall, Laura E. Happe, Agartha Russell
Immunization Rates among Children in Day Care
David A. Neumann
Evaluation of “Shots on Time” Intervention in the New Mexico State Immunization Program: Statistical Avenues
Hubert A. Allen, Anne Lutz, Cynthia Rawn, Steven Nickell, Denise Ortiz
Coverage Rates Among Children Receiving Combination Versus Component Vaccines in a State Medicaid Program
Gary S. Marshall, Laura E. Happe, Agartha Russell
The Role of Social Capital in the Immunization Rates of Marginalized Children
Quimby McCaskill, David Wood, Alison M. Dekle, Tao Hao, William Livingood
Impact of First-Year DTaP Doses on the Timeliness of the Fourth Dose of DTaP Among Children in a State Medicaid Population
Gary S. Marshall, Laura E. Happe, Agartha Russell
Pandemic Concerns in 1976 vs. 2006: A Review of Issues Past and Present
Christine M. Layton
“Train the Trainer” Immunization Education: Indiana State Department of Health Partnering with Vanderburgh County Health Department
Lynae E. Granzow
Opportunities for Collaboration Between AFIX and Other Health Department Programs
Karen Fernandez, Paula Francis-Crick, Denise Benkel, Huan Yuan Zhang, Sheila Palevsky, Amy Metroka, Vikki Papadouka, Dileep Sarecha, Michael Andreas Hansen, Joyce Weinstein, Wendy Negron, Jacqueline Ehrlich, James Winters
Local Health Departments and Influenza Vaccine Spot Shortages, 2005-2006
James A. Ransom
Targeting VFC Provider Recruiting to Underserved Areas Using GIS
Marianne M. Koshak, Lane Wake, Rosemary Jean Spence
The Use of a 'Basic Immunization Course' to Assist Child Care Providers in Learning about State Required Immunizations
Lillian Spreng, Jamie Damico
Vaccines for Children Program training for Medical Assistants
Robert T. Bruce

The 40th National Immunization Conference (NIC) of CDC