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International Ballroom - East
Tuesday, March 22, 2005: 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

M1: Break — Exhibit/Poster Viewing (Access Poster Abstracts Here)

 International Immunization Participation: Our Experiences
Judy V. Schmidt, Duane Kilgus
 Comparing the Value of Two Pediatric Combination Vaccines
Sheldon H. Jacobson, Edward C. Sewell
 Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination cover rates in Uppsala County, Sweden during the winter 2003-2004
Staffan P.E. Sylvan, Gunilla Eriksson, Karlis Pauksen
 Put ACASA Into Practice!
Cara M Egan, Vincenza Snow
 Strengthening Immunization Program through partnership approach in rural Bangladesh
Rasheduzzaman Shah, Nizam Uddin Ahmed, Habib Mahmood, Joarder Kabir, Mohsin Wazed, Ruhul Amin
 Influenza Immunization in Healthy Young Children: Changes in Parental Perceptions and Predictors of Immunization During the 2003-2004 Influenza Season
Matthew F. Daley, Lori A. Crane, Vijayalaxmi Chandramouli, Brenda L. Beaty, Jennifer Barrow, Norma J. Allred, Stephen Berman, Allison Kempe
 The Effects of Parental Disability on Childhood Immunization
Raymond R Hyatt, Susan M Allen
 Exploring the World of CASA: Comparative Analysis of Electronic Versus Manual CASAs in Six Local Health Departments in Indiana
Megan Steiger, Wayne Staggs
 Immunization coverage among 19 to 35 month old children of Hispanic ancestry, US National Immunization Survey
Natalie J. Darling, Lawrence E. Barker, Abigail M. Shefer, Susan Y. Chu
 Accuracy of Birth Certificate Data on Hepatitis B Test Reporting
Wendy Lee Griffin
 Electronic School Immunization Law Reporting in Pennsylvania
Joeanne Maljevac
 Making it Look Easy: An Automated Demo for Registry Promotion
Tammy Pilisuk
 Impact of state vaccine supply policy on uptake of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
Shannon Stokley, Kate M. Shaw, Lawrence Barker, Jeanne M. Santoli, Abigail Shefer
 Immunization Initiation among Infants in the Oregon Health Plan
Jessica Henderson
 A New Perspective with the Expanded Kindergarten Retrospective Survey, Los Angeles County, 2003
Marifi Pulido, Martha Stokes, Jon LaMori, Dulmini Kodagoda
 Media Coverage Impacts Influenza Vaccination Status of Children 6 to 59 Months of Age
Kimberly K. Ma, Katherine A. Poehling
 Pediatric Influenza Mass Clinics - Listening to Parental Reflections
Mary Koslap-Petraco
 Implementation of a provider compliance campaign to influence compliance with VFC policy and procedures
Katelyn Wells-Fahling
 An Evaluation of Meningococcal Vaccination Practices Among Colleges and Universities — Maryland, 2004
Amanda D. Castel, Greg A. Reed, David Blythe, Marsha Davenport
 Assessing Missed Opportunities for Perinatal Infectious Diseases Prevention among Women in Puerto Rico
Gustavo H. Dayan, Carmen Rodriguez Caquias, Yanire Garcia, Tasneem Malik, John Copeland, Susan Reef
 Lessons from Abroad: A study of European Child Immunization Programs
Gary L. Freed
 A Proposed Methodology of Identifying Immunization Pockets-of-Need Areas, Los Angeles County
Vichuda Lousuebsakul, Dulmini Kodagoda, Martha Stokes
 Completeness of Hepatitis B Screening in Pregnant Women: A Review from Selected Indiana Hospitals
Jennifer J. Mccarthy, Charlene Graves, Beverly Sheets
 Disaster Planning for the Flu Vaccine Shortage
Karen A. Rea
 Economic Evaluation of Routine Childhood Immunization with DTaP, Td, Hib, IPV, MMR and HepB Vaccines in the United States, 2001
Fangjun Zhou, Jeanne Santoli, Mark L. Messonnier, Hussain Yusuf, Abigail Shefer, Susan Chu, Lance Rodewald
 DOD's MILVAX Program
Steven P. Jones
 Standards: Policy, Protocols, or Procedures?
Linda Hill, John M. Fontanesi, Abigail Shefer, Mark Messonnier, David Kopald, Kathy Holcomb
 The Use of the Behavioral Ecological Model (BEM) To Predict Immunization Behavior
Linda Hill, John M. Fontanesi, Abigail Shefer, Mark Messonnier, Melbourne F. Hovell, David Kopald, Kathy Holcomb
 An Economic Model Explaining Program Compliance with WIC-Linked Vaccination Services
John M. Fontanesi, Abigail Shefer, Richard A. Schieber, Mark Messonnier, Linda Hill, David Kopald, Kathy Holcomb
 Missed Opportunities for Influenza Vaccination Among Children with Asthma
Kevin J. Dombkowski, Matthew Davis, Lisa M. Cohn, Clark Sarah
 Influx of immigrants and refugees: a challenge for immunization clinics
Patricia A. Weimer, Nancy J. Gantner
 Tracking Immunization Levels in Child Care Group Settings
Heather Lynn Stafford
 Immunization Registry Costs and Economies
Noelle-Angelique Molinari, Diana Bartlett, Richard A. Schieber, Margaret S. Coleman
 End User Acceptance of Real-Time Registry Interfaces
Kevin W. Davidson
 African-American Parental Perceptions of Influenza Immunizations for Children 6-23 Months Old
November H. McGarvey, Nidhi M. Nakra, Rose Wang, Melissa Ely Moore
 Got PROW? Implementing the PROW Standards of Excellence
Bill Brand
 An ounce of prevention is worth how much? A hedonic approach to valuing health insurance coverage
Noelle-Angelique Molinari, Mark Messonnier, Jeanne Santoli, Abigail Shefer, Fangjun Zhou
 Survey of Pediatric Practices Regarding the 2004 Prevnar Vaccine Shortage
Holly Groom, Achal Bhatt, Michael Washington, Henry Roberts, Jeanne Santoli
 Pennsylvania Vaccine Management Using the Statewide Immunization Information System
Harryl Allen, Nancy Mumper, Cornelia Schneck, Mary Knowlton, Lance Farmer, Kobie Shaffer
 Underinsured, Uninsured, and Insured Children: Who are They and How Well Vaccinated are They?
Philip Smith, Susan Y. Chu, Dr. Jeanne Santoli, Mark Messonnier, Lawrence E. Barker, Anjella Vargas-Rosales
 Registry Boosts Day Care Immunization Rates
Susan Schryber, Julie Kuiper, Lori Schrader
 The Automated Identification of Vaccines (Bar Coding) Pilot Project
Lisa M. Paddle
 Optimizing Outreach Efforts Though Speech Recognition Technology
Peter N. Wenger, Dorothy A. Williams
 Spring Cleaning is not enough: Developing an annual data quality assurance plan for immunization registries
Anne Cordon, Wendy Wang, Robert Grieger, Robert Vryheid, Tracy Danos-Healy, Michelle De Guire, Carol Quinn, Mark H. Sawyer, K. Michael Peddecord
 Do Health Professionals Perceive a Need for Clinical Referral Services for Vaccine Adverse Events (VAEs)?
Tameika L. Mapp, Christine G. Casey, Scott R. Campbell
 Are Your Vaccines Safe? VFC Representatives Explore
Leslie Barber, John Shieh, Joey Chin, Carol Connell, Glenda Sawada, Severino Paras
 FLASH Your Audience and Show Your Stuff: the Versatility of an Automated Marketing and Training Packet
Albert Lopez, Jackie K. Workman, Tracy Danos-Healy, Erin Owen, Anne Cordon
 Influenza Vaccination Coverage among Children aged 6-23 Months: Results of the 2004 San Diego County Random Digit Dial Telephone Survey
Shannon Cernek, Wendy Wang, Robert Vryheid, Mark H. Sawyer, K. Michael Peddecord, Michelle Picardal, Kathleen W. Gustafson, Sandy Ross
 The New Alphabet Soup: What Does NHIN, EHR, LHII, and RHIO Mean to IIS?
Noam H. Arzt, Susan M. Salkowitz
 Communicating State Childhood Vaccine Program Policy and Budget Changes
Jan Hicks-Thomson, Teresa Deming
 “The opportunity to learn from each other, A Perinatal Hepatitis B Summit”
Beverly Sheets
 The Provider S.A.I.D. (Survey to Address Immunization Disparities): Pneumococcal Vaccine Practices of Providers in Five Southeastern States
Bayo C. Willis, Pascale Wortley, Terrence E. Campbell, Donna L. Rickert
 Implementation of Pediatric Influenza Immunization in San Diego County
Mark H. Sawyer, Robert Vryheid, Wendy Wang, Tracy Danos-Healy, Michelle De Guire, John M. Fontanesi, Kathleen W. Gustafson, K. Michael Peddecord
 It's all about stakeholder relationships and the new Varicella vaccination requirement
Julie Frasco, Christine F. Mahon, Machrina Smith
 In-Depth Analysis of Factors Associated with the Receipt of Influenza Vaccination Among High-Risk Adults Aged 18-50
Cynthia Leard, K. Michael Peddecord, Robert Vryheid, Wendy Wong, Kathleen W. Gustafson, Michelle De Guire, Mark H. Sawyer
 Pneumococcal Immunization in Nursing Homes: Who Does Not Get Immunized and Whose Status is Unknown
Ronald Tiggle, Jill Marsteller, Robin Remsburg, Abigail Shefer, Barbara H. Bardenheier
 Influenza Vaccine Distribution in a Time of Crisis: the Response of a Large Suburban Local Health Unit
Abby J. Greenberg, Daniel J. Kuhles, Elaine A. Yeoman, Melaine K. Chin, David M. Ackman
 Mass Influenza Vaccination Clinic in a Time of Shortage
Abby J. Greenberg, Mark Schwartz, Margaret Sherman, Carol LaSalle, Susan King, Daniel J. Kuhles, Eileen Scanlon, Mary Schechter, Elaine Yeoman, Cynthia Brown, Eileen Connolly, Mary Ellen Laurain, David M. Ackman
 Aiding Healthcare Professionals in their Education about Influenza and Current Vaccine Recommendations
Charlotte A. Moser, Paul Offit
 Influenza Vaccination Coverage Levels Among Children Aged 6-23 Months, 2002-03 Influenza Season
Tammy A. Santibanez, Gary L. Euler, Carolyn Bridges
 Organizational Characteristics, Vaccination Strategies, and Implementation of Universal Influenza Immunization in Young Children
Matthew F. Daley, Lori A. Crane, Jennifer Barrow, Vijayalaxmi Chandramouli, Brenda L. Beaty, Norma J. Allred, Stephen Berman, Allison Kempe
 Strategic Health Communications in the Wake of the Flu Vaccine Shortage
Shannon T. DelBorrello
 Provider Participation: Turning Barriers into Solutions
Sherry Riddick, Cindy Sutliff, Ina Kichen
 Data Exports to Registry: Managing Vendors, Dollars and Time
Tim Neely, Janet L. Balog
 Rates of Herpes Zoster Diagnoses among City of Philadelphia District Health Center Patients
Barbara Watson, Dana Perella, Paul Gargiullo, Warner Tillach, KARL HEATH
 An Effective Partnership with Vaccine Manufacturers
Heather M. Kaisner
 Providing Hepatitis Immunization for Street Youth: Insights from the New York University Hepatitis Project
Leah Zallman, Kelly A. Kyanko
 Flu Detailing
Sheila L. Palevsky, Kelly Larson, Kathy Alexis, Charles Asumeng, Kesha Crichlow, Elizabeth Drackett, Michelle Dresser, Laura Goodman, Mahala Holmes, Kristin Stevens, Ronica Webb, Joslyn Levy, Lynn Silver, Jane R. Zucker
 Flu Campaign: Reaching out to the Underserved
Irene Litwak
 Does the Type of Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) Immunization Dose Schedule Influence Hib Immunization Coverage Rates on the National Immunization Survey?
Christine M. D'Agostino, Susan Shepardson
 Indiana's Vaccines for Children Enrollment Process
Shannon Goheen
 Electronic data sharing between Lead and Immunization Registries leads to increased Lead testing
Vahe Badalyan, Cynthia O'Connor, Jim Romano
 Smallpox Immunization: Determinants of acceptance of vaccination
Marthe Bryant-Genevier, Sandra Sommer, Ann McMahon, Robert Ball, Miles Braun
 Widespread dispersion of the rare G12 serotype rotavirus in the Greater Philadelphia area in 2004
Daniel J. DiStefano, H. Fred Clark, Diane Lawley, Greg Kulnis, Marina Uvaydova, Soo Whang
 Registry User Meetings: The Perfect Educational Environment
Amanda Wilson, Katie Reed, Amanda Smith
 Determining Immunization Rates Among Adolescents
Thad Wilson, Daniel B. Fishbein
 Do Section 317 Financial Assistance Grants Improve Immunization Coverage?
David, B. Rein, Amanda, A. Honeycutt, O. Lucia Rojas-Smith
 The effectiveness of private providers recall systems on clinical assessment software application (CASA) scores of VFC children at 24-months
Katelyn Wells-Fahling, Joanna Briggs, JM Green
 Characteristics of Populations Delaying Scheduled Immunizations within Bexar County, Texas
Elvia Ledezma
 Using an ICS Model to Respond to the 2004 Influenza Vaccine Crisis
Annemarie Beardsworth, Helen Drew, Crystal Davis
 Medi-Cal/Immunization Registry Pilot Merge in California
Cecilie R. Birner
 Increasing Health Plan and Private Provider Participation in Registries
Jennifer Zavolinsky, Therese Hoyle
 Practice-based electronic billing systems and their impact on immunization registries
Maureen S. Kolasa, Janet Ellis Cherry, Andrew Chilkatowsky, David P. Reyes, James P. Lutz
 Hepatitis B Related Mortality in the United States, 1990-2001: Analysis of Multiple Cause-Coded Death Data
Helen W. Shih
 Strengthening Immunization Awareness Messages for Family Physicians
Herbert F. Young, Bellinda K. Schoof
 Community Outreach to Increase Immunization Coverage in Pocket of Need areas
V. Papadouka, J. Tubridy, Lennon Turner, Shirley Huie, Samuel Addo, Kwakou Butcher, Reva Thomas, Grecia Caines
 Hepatitis Immunization of Homeless Clients
Amy Warner, Deb Hibdon
 IN Focus: Parents of Under- and Un- Vaccinated Children Speak
Victoria Page Niederhauser
 Nursing Homes and the Confusion over Flu in 2004
Hsien Seow, Joanne Lynn
 Electronic dissemination of immunization reminders: Does it work?
Dahlia Kupfer, Denise Farrand, Janna Bardi
 Immunization Algorithm - Integration Challenges
Ken Larsen, Kim Salisbury-Keith
 IN Focus: What do Parents of Un-and Under Vaccinated Children Worry About?
Victoria Page Niederhauser
 The Flu Frenze of 2004-2005
Vicki L. Dallmann-Papke, Bobbie S. Jurishica
 California’s Statewide Community Education Exercise
Janet Yuen, Anna Karina Celaya, Mike Prelip, Deborah Glik, Chris Chase, Marcy Jones
 Executing a Mass Immunization Program at the County level using CDC's Smallpox Clinic model
Sandra K. Schwartz
 Successful Mass Influenza Clinics
Jean P. Williamson, Rebecca Asher
 Pediatric Vaccine Stockpiles: Past, Present, and Future
Eddie Wilder
 Using the WA registry as a centralized reminder system via health education mailings
Dahlia Kupfer
 Improving Immunization Coverage Among Providers in Pocket of Need Areas
Karen Fernandez, Paula Francis-Crick, Nanette Massiah, Alaina Stoute, Stephen Friedman
 Lessons Learned from the Mass Vaccination Clinics: A Reality Check Satellite Broadcast
K. Michael Peddecord, Isabel Gomez, Lisa Kwisera, Suzi Bouveron, Violet Macias, Patricia Holsclaw
 Using an Immunization Registry to Monitor Flu Uptake and Shortage: The New York City Experience
Sheila L. Palevsky, Vikki Papadouka, Amy Metroka, Stephen Friedman
 Case Management Improves UTD Rates of Children 0–2 Years of Age
Debra Rosen
 Physicians’ Response to the 2003-04 ACIP Encouragement to Vaccinate Healthy 6- to 23-Month-Old Children against Influenza
Sarah J. Clark, Anne E. Cowan, Norma Allred, Donna L. Rickert, Susan J. Woolford, Gary L. Freed
 Using Immunization Registry Reminder-Recall Reports to Improve CASA Audit Results
Letty D. Cherry
 Improving VFC Provider Immunization Rates
Jacquelyne Charmin Wiggins, Jacob Mbafor, Rosie McLaren, Karyn L. Berry
 NIP Vaccine Distribution Survey
Gary A. Coil
 Inadvertent rubella vaccination during pregnancy: Review of reports to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1991-2003
Angela Calugar, Vitali Pool, Susan Reef, Weigong Zhou, Robert Chen
 Introduction to the National Immunization Program - Briefing on Immunization Priorities, Goals and Challenges
Susan Van Aacken
 “Train the Trainer” Immunization Education: Indiana State Department of Health Partnering with County Health Department
Lynae E. Granzow, Beverly Sheets, Charlene Graves
 Using Modularization to Leverage your Registry
Brandy Altstadter
 A Successful Strategy for Implementing a Hospital-based Vaccine Standing Order Program
Denise R. Sokos, Kelly Ervin, Debra Santarelli, Carolyn Griffin, Donald B. Middleton, Richard K. Zimmerman, Susan J. Skeldar
 Streamlining Data Exchange in Provider Offices
Arthur Hunt, Katie Reed, Amanda Smith, Jim Romano, Amanda Wilson, Susan Anderson
 Grantee Reports of Immunization Assessment Activities in Childcare Facilities in the U.S
Bridget H. Lyons, Carol Stanwyck, Mary McCauley
 An Analysis of U.S. Pedatric Hepatitis B Vaccine Distribution, 1991-2002
Gary A. Coil
 Automating Ordering through Registries
Danielle Reader-Jolley
 Indiana Immunization Program Educating WIC and TANF Staff on Record Reading
Lynae E. Granzow, Beverly Sheets, Charlene Graves
 Rolling out a registry to a new or “used” territory- A How to Guide
Justina Kubasiak, Susan D. Anderson, Maureen K. Murphy, Katie E. Reed, Amanda L Smith, Amanda Wilson
 Tracking Childhood Obesity Through an Immunization Registry
Stacey L. Goodall, Janet L. Balog
 Proactive Influenza Communication and Technical Assistance in a Universal Distribution State
Karen S. Arbogast, Jan Hicks-Thomson, Ruth McDougall, Michele Perrin
 A Quantitative Evaluation of an Immunization Education Kit for Health Care Providers
James B. Bender, Karena F. Sapsis, Tia Clark
 EMR/Practice Management Vendor and Provider Relationships: Successfully Exporting Data
Margo H. Harris
 SAIRS to SAIRS 2 – Registry Migration in San Antonio Texas
Jorge Reyes
 Utilization of a Physician Practice Survey to Distribute Influenza Vaccine to High Priority Patients
Daniel Kuhles, Abby J. Greenberg, Melaine A. Chin, David M. Ackman
 Evaluation of the AFIX process among Indiana private providers
Rodrigo Silva, Donna Rickert, Abigail Shefer, Shannon Stokley, Amy Kirsch
 A Comprehensive Kit to Enhance Adult Vaccination
Diane Peterson, Deborah Wexler
 Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Data-Driven Immunization Planning
Elizabeth E. Sablotne, Karen J. Chronister, Oyeba Akyea
 Single sign on and the Public Health Directory in Immunization Registries
Jeremy William Scott, Tim Neely
 Novel education of doctor of pharmacy students in adult travel immunization and mass influenza prophylaxis in partnership with a local department of health
Michael D. Hogue, Roger D. Lander, Kirk Avent, Jeanette Davidson
 Church-based Immunization Clinics Best Practices
Joni V. Jones
 Implementing a Statewide Hepatitis A and B Vaccination Program in STD Clinics Using State Monies: The Indiana Experience
Cheryl V. Pearcy
 Partnering with Immunization Registries & Medicaid MCOs to Increase Immunization Rates in Young Children
Cherie Thomas, Rosie McLaren, Bernardo Gonzales, Karyn L. Berry
 Developing Recommendations for Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting via Immunization Information Systems: A Business Modeling Approach
Warren Williams, Dennis Michaud, Marlene Lugg, Angel R. Aponte, Susanne Pickering, David Lyalin
 Baby Tracks: More “Bang for the Buck” Through Focused Education and Intervention
Karen R. Nikolai
 Improving Childhood Immunization Rates in High-Risk Populations: Immunization Assessment in Four Colorado WIC Clinics
Tista S. Ghosh, Jennifer L. Patnaik, Anne Bennett, Lynn Trefren, Richard L. Vogt
 Vaccines for Children Provider Outreach
Jennifer Tinney
 WIC/Immunization Linkage - Culture, Collaboration and Commitment
Pamela Johnson, Sheryl Pickering
 Comparisons Between Mulit Registry HL7 solutions: Hub vs Direct Connections
Nathan Bunker
 State to State Registry Communication using HL7: Case Study of a Four State Pilot
Christina Babin, Sherry Riddick, Danielle Reader-Jolley, Nathan Bunker
 The Effect of Insurance Disruption on Immunization Rates
Gerry Fairbrother, John Stevenson
 Hepatitis A & B Immunization in the Cook County Jail-Sheriff’s Female Furlough Program
Mila Verdugo, Corinna Dan, Julia Morita
 Vaccine Enhancement Program: Different Solutions for Immunization Registries
Mike Garcia
 Role of the urgent care center as an immunization provider during mass casualty incidents
Laura Flowers, Sharon Allred, Kevin F. Smith
 Overcoming Challenges for a Regional Registry in Houston
Robert Conn
 Improving Immunization Measures and Coverage for Children covered by Medicaid
Barbara Canavan, Nathan E. Crawford, Susan Arbor
 Added Value: Case Studies of How Several States Used a Master Patient Index to Increase Registry Visibility and Value
Kenyatta A. Clark
 Preparation, Partnership and Flexibility...Oregon's Integrated Approach to Meeting the Challenge of a Flu Vaccine Shortage
Martha W. Priedeman, Lorraine K. Duncan, Mary S. Durbrow, Lydia M. Luther, Paul F. Lewis, Tom R. Engle, Grant K. Higginson
 Meeting the 2004-2005 influenza vaccine challenge through public-private partnership in a small community
Marcus Elliott, Robert Pollard, Richard Tucker, Richard Bennett, Barry Kling, Mary Small, Jacqueline Dawson
 Maternal Characteristics and Timeliness of Beginning Infant Immunizations
Wendy DiMicco
 Regional Partnership for Increasing Immunization Rates: Focusing on the Fourth DTaP
Jan Hicks-Thomson, Michele Perrin, Nancy Church, Cynthia Shurtleff, Karen Elliot, Ginny Heller, Mary Beth Kurilo, Mindy Stomner, Karen Arbogast, Ruth McDougall
 Pandemic Flu Preparedness: How Louisiana plans on using LINKS (Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids Statewide) as a response tool
Mike Garcia
 Vaccine Selection Algorithm Web Tool for Assembling Economical Formularies of Pediatric Immunization: Enhancements, Value, and Usage
Enrique A. Medina, Mohammed QadeerAhmed, Alan Lindsey, Bruce G. Weniger
 Lawndale Summer Medical Project - Immunization Outreach in an Urban Enviornment
Nicole Milano Leyva
 Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Policies and Immunization Rates in Hawaii Long-Term Care Facilities
Jihae Juliana Noh, Kate Cui
 Developing Information Systems to Support Registry and Immunization Program Activities
Meredith Weiss, Janet Ellis Cherry
 Impressions and Influences Affecting Immunization Beliefs in the Hmong Culture
Catherine M. Martin, Cheryl Vang
 A New Approach to Sampling immunization Rates of Poor Inner-city Preschool Children
David Wood, Tao Hou, William Livingood, Peter Wludyka
 Influenza Vaccine Supply Disruptions and Implications for Local Public Health Practice: the State of Maryland as Case Study
Tiffany Tate, Greg A. Reed, James Anthony Ransom
 Programmatic Factors Related to Uptake of Smallpox Vaccine among Healthcare Workers
Megan C. Lindley, Pascale Wortley, Ben Schwartz
 Economics of an Adolescent Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccination Catch-up Campaign in the US
Ismael R. Ortega-Sanchez, Martin I. Meltzer, Colin W. Shepard, Elizabeth R. Zell, Mark L. Messonnier, Oleg Bilukha, Xinzhi Zhang, David S. Stephens, Nancy Rosenstein
 Improving Childhood Immunization Levels: which is more important, having health insurance or a regular clinician for well-child care?
Karen G. Wooten, Pauline Harvey, Philip Smith

The 39th National Immunization Conference (NIC) of CDC